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Imagine creating a long and fulfilled life rich with experience.

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Over 300,000 people living today are centenarians (people who live to 100). The Smithsonian reports there are now more Americans living past 100 than ever before. One-third of children born in the UK are expected to live over one hundred years. Most centenarians are living in Japan.

Imagine creating a long and fulfilled life rich with experience.

The study of longevity is on the rise in university departments and graduate research programs. The Stanford Center on Longevity focuses being mentally sharp, physically fit, and financially secure. Longevity Research Institute is committed to increasing lifespan through biological study. Everyone wants to know the secret to live a long life. Differences in diet and exercise result in nominal differences in the aging process. There is a phenomenal amount of value in the study of disease treatment to extend life. Study shows two factors predict longevity, a culture of health and a socially active community. Social health is health.

The mission of the Stanford Center on Longevity is to accelerate and implement scientific discoveries, technological advances, behavioral practices, and social norms so that century long lives are healthy and rewarding.

The 100 Years Project focus is building a full life. People sustained by a culture of health and community have the best chance of living a long life they love. Social factors and family relationships have the highest correlation to long lives. A feeling of purpose adds depth to living. Many people achieve a feeling of purpose in their work. In some cases, work is a higher calling with little connection to income or income is a byproduct of purposeful work. Self-care routines establish consistency in life and add a sense of stability, enhancing longevity.

Health scientists Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin explain how factors such as social connections, personality and marriage affect long-term health in The Longevity Project. NPR

An interesting personality trait leads to longer lifespans. Being conscientious and prudent lengthens life. Planning, enjoying living a life that is thought out and consistent, adds to the ability to manage a long life.

The study found that conscientious people developed better social relationships and accomplished more at work. NPR

Living well, having a capable body, makes living a long life more attractive. Imagine running a marathon in your eighties, hiking through the mountains in your nineties. Healthful life is more fulfilling. Life is about the experience.

Instant gratification has had an effect on attention span and planning. Working overtime for fast results creates stress and unrealistic demands. An intentional focus shift to long term living has benefits. Delay of gratification and long term goal setting are deeply satisfying. Imagine life at the end of each decade, complete with accomplishments, social goals, and health goals. Conceptualize life in longer terms. What can you accomplish? What can you enjoy?

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