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Primobolan Depot or just Primo (Metenolone) is for sure on of the most popular cutting injectable anabolic steroid and easiest way to find it its at online market — read our tips before buying Primobolan online

What is Primobolan and how to use it properly

Primobolan is injectable anabolic androgenic steroid which is the Metenolone Enanthate. In some cases you can find Primobolan blend and this one will contain few esters instead one. Second type of Primobolan is in tablet option and that one is called Metenolone Acetate and its taken by mouth instead of injection as Enanthate option. Primo is discovered in early of 1960’s. Firstly Primobolan is designed to treat anemia caused with bone marrow failure. Metenolone is banned for using in professional sports such as baseball, american football and etc.

Primobolan Metenolone chemical structure

Primobolan is really unique injectable steroid and can be stacked with other oral AAS for superior effects in cutting steroid cycles — see the sample cutting Primobolan steroid cycle

Which steroids are the best for cutting properties in bodybuilding with Primobolan?

Primobolan (Metenolone Enanthate) will be perfectly stacked with Stanozolol injection (best option 100 mg per ml), Masteron 100 (Drostanolone Propionate) in this combination in cycle for eight weeks Primo will provide best possible results.

How to find best Primobolan brand for sale in USA?

Primo comes from many steroid labs and brands but this is our list of TOP 5 Metenolone Enanthate brands for sale online


Primobolan Depot Meditech

Primobolan Depot 100 Meditech for sale

Primabolan LA Pharma Metenolone

Primabolan 100 from LA Pharma S.r.l. for sale

Alphabolin Primobolan Alpha Pharma

Alphbolin Primobolan Alpha Pharma for sale

Pirmo-100 Primobolan Depot for sale Global Anabolics

We present you safe for use oral Primobolan aka Metenolone Acetate

For those who no want to inject yourself highest quality labs such as Alpha Pharma, Global Anabolics, LA Pharma and Meditech produce amazing tablets which is oral Primobolan for sale

Of course this is one of the most expensive oral steroid because compound such as Primo is not easy to get in oral option so if you take a decision be ready to pay around 150 $USD for 100 tablets of Primobolan.


Primo 25 oral Primobolan

Primo-25 Primobolan Tabs Global Anabolics

Meditech Primo tablets packaging

Primo 25 Meditech oral Primobolan tabs

This Primobolin tablets are also very safe for use and will give you maximal effect because its pure products from licensed labs.

Final conclusion for Primobolin steroid

We made detailed review for people who is searching for more and just heard for Primo but never used before. This product is class of professional injectable anabolic steroid so use it with caution. We recommend oral Primo for start and if you never deal with anabolics before. Professionals which need best cutting option we sure suggest you to buy Primobolan in USA safely.

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