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Man boobs. They can be a major source of embarrassment for so many guys.

While living with gynecomastia for over 15 years, I had become an expert at physical deception. I had become a professional at concealment, and I was the ultimate master of anonymity. It was my goal each day to simply fall between the cracks and to go unnoticed, all in an extreme effort to hide my biggest secret — my chest.

I get asked all the time by my personal training clients about what is causing their man boobs, and why it can be so hard to get rid of them. I’m going dig deep inside the issue, state the facts, and also speak from my own experience overcoming this common condition, so you can get a better understanding of what it is, and the different types that can exist.

The appearance of enlarged breasts is a concern that affects many adolescent and adult males. While “gynecomastia” is frequently used as a blanket term when referring to this issue, the condition may actually qualify as “pseudogynecomastia” for certain individuals based on the anatomy of their abnormally large breasts.

In true gynecomastia, overly large male breasts are mainly caused by an excess accumulation of glandular tissue. This extra tissue buildup usually begins developing during puberty due to hormonal fluctuations, and for many young men, it resolves on its own. In the event the condition does not go away by itself (which could take approximately one to two years following the end of puberty), direct removal of the excess glandular tissue is generally necessary for men seeking to reduce the size of their breasts and improve their overall chest contour.

In pseudogynecomastia, the primary cause of enlarged male breasts is a buildup of fat that often manifests around, behind, or underneath the nipples, which can be specifically targeted and reduced through a balanced diet and fitness program, and reducing fat stores in the chest.

The reality is, most people would be very surprised by the amount of guys who are actually afflicted by this condition, like myself, who struggled with the condition, gynecomastia, for over 15 years before becoming a Fitness Trainer who now specializes in helping guys overcome this condition.

The AMA in the US reckons as many as 90% of men will experience some enlargement of their breasts at some point in our lives, and cause by many different reasons.

But why do men get them? And is there anything we can do about it?

Gynecomastia (“man boobs”) are very common in teenage guys going through puberty.

They’re also common in older men, or guys of any age who are obese or overweight.

But there’s one common thing that links most cases of the condition in these three types of men — that’s hormonal imbalance.

Basically when there’s an imbalance between the male sex hormone testosterone and the female hormone estrogen then it can lead to breast tissue growing.

If testosterone levels drop in teenage boys then they become estrogen dominant and that’s when the man boobs start growing.

Often this hormone imbalance during puberty will clear up as they get older.

Man boobs manifest themselves in older men as testosterone levels start falling after they peak around the age of 20. It’s especially prevalent in overweight men as body fat leads to an increase in the production of estrogen.

There is an enzyme in your fat cells called aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen. So it’s a vicious cycle — the fatter you are, the more estrogen you produce and the more estrogen you produce the fatter you get.

Man boobs can also grow as a result of using drugs like cannabis and amphetamines, drinking too much alcohol or using steroids — as well as certain health problems like liver or kidney disease or lumps in the testicles.

But there are plenty of things you can do to improve your body’s hormonal balance and become less estrogen dominant.

Exercise plays a massive part in boosting your testosterone levels. Generally being active and getting a sweat on as often as possible will help — but things like weight lifting and high intensity training will send your T levels soaring.

We hate to say it, but cutting down the amount of booze you drink will help shift them. Alcohol causes testosterone to drop and increases estrogen production.

It’s a double-edged sword as while your body is trying to metabolize all that alcohol, any fat burning shuts down and all those empty, sugary calories will get stored as fat.

High sugar foods in general are terrible for your health. Refined carbohydrates in things like white bread, cookies, pies and pizzas will send your blood sugar soaring and you’ll most likely store all that excess glucose in your fat cells.

Worst of all, sugar can increase the process of turning testosterone into estrogen — which is terrible if you’re trying to shift those man boobs.

But there are some brilliant foods out there that can help your body deal with and flush out the excess estrogen.

Adding green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale, broccoli and brussels sprouts will help your body get rid of it.

Foods rich in zinc, like oysters, nuts, red meat and poultry, can help too as the mineral stops the process of aromatization which turns testosterone into estrogen.

I hope you guys got some value out of this info. As always, if you have any health questions about Gynecomastia you should always contact your GP. For anything fitness related, check us out at the link below, or send us an email at


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