Warning! Do Not Try To Treat Your Kid’s Ear Infection With Your SmartWatch.

You might puncture something.

Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash

Medium apologizes. There apparently was an article published earlier this week saying that in the future you might be able to diagnose your kid’s ear infection with your smart phone. OK, the article was about tech and science and was very smart.

Unfortunately, people seem to be pretty dumb.

They have made two errors in comprehension that have led to some injuries and emergency room visits. The word “diagnose” does not mean “treat.” It just means find out what’s wrong with the damn kid’s ear.

And it was a smart phone, not a watch.

But daft people have been sticking the end of the smartwatches inside the ear canal of their children, even though the warnings on all smartwatch bands clearly state that they are for cleaning the exterior of the ear only and are not to be inserted in the canal.

It’s not our fault. But we’re pulling the original article anyway. Just refer to this article from now on with regard to all your ear hygiene questions. Keep checking back here on a regular basis and we will keep you posted on new ways to treat I mean diagnose your children’s maladies safely with smartwatches, phones and robots.

Who needs doctors any more! Yay!

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