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In Korea, number that ends in 9 is an unlucky number. On day 9 of my diet, I fell off track again with lots of pizza and pasta. It was the first time in 9 days that I ate bread! And I can already see the bloat.

I also signed up to hang out with friends who will definitely go for carb, sugar, fat heavy foods since that’s what restaurants are for anyways.

This is bad…

I love the workout part but hate the trying to pretend cookies don’t exist part.

I know that losing stored fat is not as simple as caloric deficit. It’s about burning fat, not losing weight and water which is gonna come back in a snap.

How to lose fat 101

  1. HIT on empty stomach
  2. Compound weights on empty stomach
  3. Sprinting on empty stomach
  4. Eating strict healthy diet and KEEPING it that way
  5. Repeat 1–4 in various forms throughout eternity

Of course, you can choose to not eat and not workout, but I’m a person who has a LOT of energy that needs to be used or else my brain is gonna exploration from anxiety.

Also, hormonal imbalances that come with long-term starvation is a definite no-no & something that cannot be maintained.

I’ve had a bad habit of overeating and fast-eating without breathing. If there’s food on the table, I feel an urge to finish it all. I don’t know where it came from, it was a way of managing stress that developed into a resilient habit that keeps coming back.

I have the gym as a major stress relief now, but still when it comes to food I just consume beyond necessity.

The resources I need to get to my goals are out there, but I keep on circling back.

Now I’m gonna keep a diary of what I eat and how I feel about what I eat to check my psychological relationship with food and what possibly caused it.

Of course I need to implement a strict workout routine and most importantly, have set goals.

Why do I do this? Can I do this?




I keep on telling myself.

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