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Our Bodies Are Able To Detoxify Chemicals Without Help

However, many experts believe that the enormous number of chemicals we ingest daily through food, water, and the environment, can accumulate.

Toxic Burden Or Body Burden

The buildup, called the toxic burden or body burden, can overwhelm the body’s capacity to detoxify and may lead to hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, and inefficient metabolism

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of A Detox Diet?

Some people may experience headache, acne, weight loss, or fatigue during a detox. These symptoms usually diminish after a few days. For this reason, many people take time off work to begin a detox or start the diet on a Friday night.

Quick Start Suggestion — Replace Your Biggest Vices With Healthier Alternatives Remember that your organs will benefit from any kind of rest, so you can always go for an in- between option where you replace your biggest vices with healthier alternatives.

Detox Side Effects

⦁ Many people experience headaches at the beginning of a detox as their body is coming to terms with the dramatic reduction of its daily poisons. That is why it’s worth cutting down your main vices slowly before you start;

⦁ Your energy may dip before it rises, so it’s worth starting the program on a weekend to let your body adjust. Drink Caffeinated Beverages? Most Americans do. And with the stress of our society, it’s hard not to.

Even if you’re not ready to quit for good, a spring and fall detox can give your liver a chance to rest from detoxifying all that caffeine every day, and that can have tremendous physical benefits in terms of more energy, better sleep, and reduced stress… which, in turn, can also make it possible to cut down significantly on caffeine after your detox.

Fresh Fruit

Enjoy all fresh fruit. Again… go easy on the grapefruit! A compound in grapefruit called naringin can significantly inhibit liver detox enzymes and should be avoided during detox diets.

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