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Life changed before my very eyes!!!

“A good doctor cures the disease, but a great doctor cures the cause.” 
― Amit Kalantri,
Wealth of Words

Stroke once an aliment that mostly affected the elderly or someone already who had other health issues, is coming home to roost in younger individuals and any ethnicity.

Often the younger assume that stroke is the last thing on their radar but now there is a wake up call for many. High profile celebrity who recently lost the battle to strokes have been a wake-up call for the young. Luke Perry and John Singleton, two who recently succumbed to strokes have brought visibility to the fact that stroke doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age.

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be proactive and know thyself as much as possible. Education is crucial and being wise to know the signs and all that precedes a stroke is paramount.

The two common types of strokes and what causes them, Ischemic Strokes and hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic strokes occur after a blood vessel carrying oxygen to the brain is blocked. This happens when a blood clot travels to the brain and gets lodged in a blood vessel or narrowing of the arteries. 87% of strokes are of this nature.

Hemorrhagic stoke is the second common type of stroke where a blood vessel bursts in or near the brain. My mother who had a mini stroke months ago, had not been diagnosed with either but nevertheless she had a stroke. The effects may not be as dire but yet disabling. What cause her mini stroke, the doctors couldn’t without a doubt determine.

Hypertension and high blood pressure, smoking, heart disease are culprits that can precede the onset of strokes. Also, high cholesterol can affect and build up in the arteries and restrict blood flow in the brain. Whenever there is a blood flow issue this can cause a blood clot that could travel to the brain and cause a stroke. Years ago, an associate of mine died from an aneurysm, she was in her early thirties..

My ninety two year old Mother had a mini stroke and until this very day the doctors are not completely sure why, no heart disease history, no blocked arteries and not overweight while she did take medicine for cholesterol, blood pressure and dementia. So as a precaution for the next three years, they implanted a loop recorder to monitor her heart. She is on the mend.

Thank God for knowing about the acronym, FAST. F is for face droopiness, visible on my mother’s face one morning, November 17, 2018, S is for slurred speech, couldn’t understand her words, voice was like hoarse, and I followed T, didn’t call 911 but rushed her to to the hospital at that moment and she was admitted seconds later.

Be informed check out this LA Times article, for other visible symptoms. They are sudden numbness, trouble walking or seeing, confusion and a severe headache.

Time is a crucial factor when signs of a stroke appears. Delayed time can culminate into permanent damage to the body and brain and no delay can be a factor in complete recovery to little damage to the body and brain.

Following are some lasting changes that may occur after a stroke, paralyzed on one side of the body, trouble swallowing, speaking, understanding speech, loss of vision, loss of balance and difficulty, cognitive issues, memory and concentration issues. All of which my mother experienced to some degree. She is yet in a state of recovery. Being 93 years old, has had an affect on a speedier recovery but recovery is on the horizon.

Control your blood pressure and maintaining a diet low in saturated fat. And being a proponent of exercise, I highly promote exercising for all ages according to each lifestyle land ability. Get regular checkout, know your family history of various diseases and always look for signs of changes with your body

For videos on exercising for all levels, please check out over 400 hundred videos on

If you are sedentary or not, you can use the above resistance bands to build muscles and burn fat.

Everyone one, young and old, should be in tune with your bodies and monitor on a daily basis. Do not allow any symptoms to perpetuate over a period of time. Be proactive and save your life or another’s life. Lastly, exercise, low fat diet and go to the doctor for checkup regularly is the key to prevention.

“The Life you save may be your own!”

EPMcKnight is a writer and fitness instructor in the Southern California area. She’s passionate about health, fitness and sustainable living. She’s currently teaching cycling and aerobics & body toning along with aqua aerobics. You can keep up with her

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