Why gym is not a good idea for India? – Navneet Sharma – Medium

These days It’s trending in India that most persons join the gym as a healthy living option. Definitely, exercise is important for health and fitness. Body movements are required for good blood flow. It’s equally necessary to move the body’s Prana / Qi / Chi.

Prana is the essence of life and if Prana or blood get stagnated this will generate pain and diseases. For example, according to traditional Chinese medicine if blood stagnates in the heart gives you angina pain or even heart attack.

But gymming is not a good option for all Indians.

Gym’s focus areas:

  • Muscle building: Gym machines are focused to develop more muscles. They suggest eating more food even supplements (mostly) that allow you to gain muscles. Most of the gym persons want to be a bodybuilder.
  • Body shapes: Gym machines are made of standard body type and they want to make a specific type of body. They have less option to customise their workout as per body needs. In India body type change in some distance. Packing them in a standard size is not correct.
  • Fast movements: Mostly you do faster body movement in the gym. Like if you do an elliptical exercise you gym instructor push to do more. Faster movements have more chances of having injuries.
  • Stamina development: Having good stamina is good. It allows you to do extensive exercise for a longer period. But it increases in every type of exercise. When you repeat any type of work it generates stamina.
  • Sweating: You want to generate sweat to lose fat, calories, etc. When you do extensive gymming and focus on sweat, you also lose body nutrients. When you sweat a lot without intake it creates deficiency. The longtime deficient condition creates a health problem. General Indian diet (assuming most of the Indians are mainly eat a plant-based diet) can’t overcome this deficiency easily.

According to Ayurveda when you do gymming it increases Vata in your body. Increase Vata is not good especially in a hot weather environment like in Rajasthan. When you do extensive exercise it increases body acids and Pitta.

Best alternatives for Indian body:

  • Walk (not running): Best exercise or fitness activity is Walk. When you walk near nature with a moderate pace, you do not just do exercise but you also connect with nature.
  • Yoga: Yoga is not just exercise but it’s a complete philosophy. Asana gives you good exercise that increases stamina, body balance, the power to hold the body in a specific posture. Asana focuses on doing them slowly in a correct way, and hold the posture for a longer time. If your body is not in standard shape (even birth defect) you can customise Asana accordingly. In yoga, you don’t focus to get sweat even as per Patanjali if your body starts sweating you should stop Asana practice and do relaxation pose like Savasana. Slow pace decreases chances of injuries (still wrongdoing Asana can give injuries but chances are less compare to fast exercise).
  • Meditation: Dharna or Dhyan relax your the mind and the body. When the mind gets relaxed it decreases inflammation in the body and increases the quality of life.
  • Lifestyle: Stop sedentary lifestyle, include physical activities like taking stairs, gardening, stand up in work, etc. When you include activities and mindfulness in your lifestyle, you increase life quality.

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