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Fail Over and Over Again

You guys won’t believe this shit. This post is the perfect fit for me right now and I’m embracing every bit of it.⁣

Hear me out. All entrepreneurs make bad business decisions at some point in their journey. For me it’s happened more often than I would like to admit.⁣

These are just some recent occurrences:⁣

I paid an “email marketer” $600 and made zero sales because his email lists were garbage and later found out he was doing this to lots of people.⁣

I paid a social media company $1060 after signing a contract and having a phone call with the “owner” for 45 minutes and never heard from him again after submitting payment.⁣⁣

I overspent by several thousand dollars on advertising with a flawed system in place and it was all my fault. I was just bleeding cash and I own it 100%.⁣

The reason I say all of this is because some people would let these things deflate them. Some people experience failure and refuse to grow and learn from it.⁣

You’re going to fall flat on your face a lot in life. It’s inevitable. But it’s on you to man up and take responsibility for your own life.⁣

When you hold yourself accountable the sky becomes the limit. I could get down in the dumps every time something like this happens.⁣

After all nobody likes giving away hard earned money. But I simply take these things in stride and learn from them.⁣

I’m on a mission to change a million lives and I won’t be stopped. But I also realize I need the support of you guys and the community I am a part of.⁣

I need everyone I can possibly get in my corner and I believe the majority of people mean well and have good intentions.⁣⁣

Don’t let the actions of a few assholes change your direction. Whatever area of life you’re struggling in you’ve got this .⁣

Just know that the man in this picture failed over and over and over again and is known as the greatest to ever do it.⁣

Failure is simply part of the process and will only make you stronger and better as long as you learn from it each and every time.

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