Peloton’s UK Domination Plan Relies on Ambitious Marketing Campaign

The company is hoping ads encourage fitness enthusiasts to try the bikes on site.

Peloton, the at-home indoor cycling bike system, feels practically ubiquitous in the U.S. — and as a result, has garnered a value of $4 billion. And according to Marketing Week, it’s looking to replicate this huge success in the UK with a £50 million investment including a £7 million advertising campaign.

The majority of the funding is going towards building out a massive studio where on-site classes will take place. It’s also being used to open more showrooms across London as a way for people to try the bikes. The plan is for these showrooms to serve as marketing tools which would lead to sales.

The bikes aren’t cheap, of course, and neither is the monthly fee. The UK bikes will cost £1,990 and then there’s the £39 monthly subscription for classes and fitness content.

To get people in the door, Peloton is rolling out a six-month advertising campaign across channels in the UK. The multi-channel strategy is similar to what worked in the U.S., where the company’s Better Is in Us campaign appealed to consumers. It showed how Peloton makes it easy for busy moms to find time to work out, portraying small common experiences as shows of strength. The idea that vulnerability can lead to strength is something that resonates with women, according to a new study from A+E Networks®.


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