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Chapter 1 — “Merchants of Death

A panel of three physicians and an attorney has been selected to investigate Georgie’s death, through a process set-up 45 years ago by the Louisiana Legislature, one of the three “coordinate branches of state government” established under our Constitution.

Alas! Shakespeare’s right, “the law’s an ass! — meaning “the ‘wheels of justice’ turn ‘slowly’” which is another joke but not by The Bard; nay, in Louisiana this phrase has become an insult to Lady Justice. Today, however, let’s not linger on Her scales, or blindfold, or sword or even sister Prudence’s snake however tantalizing, particularly in the context of phrases like “judicial politics” and “quid pro quo” which I’ll address after my research is complete.

Like Shakespeare’s sonnets, this in-depth/investigative story is not short and not for the impatient or easily-bored. I ask you give me a break; I’m learning from scratch, myself…. Between rants I’ll be talking about laws that this “medical-panel review process” is supposed to follow (which can be found here: — but doesn’t.

More than $1-billion is sitting in a “Fund” intended for paying claims, however, people harmed or children of those killed by medical mistakes are not being paid. It has become a “cookie jar” for lawyers on both sides of the judge in court. They are literally stealing money from victims of medical mistake, because hospitals are greedy muthfuckers, how else can one describe them pray tell?

A quasi-State agency named “The Patient’s Compensation Fund” was set up four decades ago to “process” citizens complaints of alleged medical mistake. You may notice I don’t say “medical-malpractice” and that’s because that word was intentionally made pejorative by Louisiana’s “Merchants of Death,” those in charge of making sure only lawyers get money intended for victims of medical-mistake.

I’m thinking physicians are generally honest brokers; it’s the mega-hospital “systems” — such as Louisiana’s largest — that are, for instance, intentionally killing citizens in order to cover-up their medical sins. In Louisiana their sins are hidden in plain sight, in the sight of Louisiana’s corrupt court system, which feeds off these merchants of death as if the vultures they are, euphemistically, of course (I must tread lightly, as I’m presently before state and federal judges ranting all this, sans the intentional pejoratives, of course). We’ll get into that later.

I say “we” because I’m hoping to get some feedback, leads, something, please? Or, will I be typing into a vacuum here, as I often felt before submitting in-depth/investigative stories to my editors at the daily-newspapers I’ve worked at for a decade, or the senior-lawyers I’ve worked with for 20 years in the high-rises of New Orleans’ CBD; or, in later-years, editing law books (all of which required my working if not a vacuum, in dead-silence)?

The Louisiana “Medical-Malpractice Factory”

The folks in charge at the PCF agency charged with enforcing the laws that set-up these medical-review panels, are very polite and professional toward citizens who file claims stating a doctor and/or hospital harmed them, medically; or “killed” a loved one (euphemistically, “caused the death of”).

The legal terminology is “breached the standard of care,” which — in practicality — is lawyer double-speak used in the manipulation of the Medical-Malpractice Factory by the Merchants of Death.

If you don’t think doctors make mistakes, I’ll just note that the CDC/NIH infectious control divisions state 100,000 U.S. citizens die every year from deadly infections they caught while being examined or treated in hospitals or by physicians.

Generally, the merchants of death killed Georgie, the evidence before the panel is overwhelming; but I am investigating whether these medical providers are intentionally “dumping” thousands of other patients who acquire deadly infections while being examined or treated at their hospitals. “Patient-dumping” is a federal crime, yet the profit-motive for the greedy mutherfukin’ fat-cat merchants-of-death mega-hospitals, has tipped Lady Justice’s scales to the dirt.

I say the time has come for Lady Justice to strike Her sword against these greedy mutherfukin’ mega-hospital systems…. What say ye?

(end of chapter 1)

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