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You are looking at a variety Keto Resources Review of diets and you see they all say you should exercise but what exercise As you may know there are two types of exercise. They are aerobic which means with oxygen and anaerobic exercises which means without oxygen. The simple explanation is anaerobic exercises are exercises that use short burst of intense physical activity. These types of activities include sprinting of all types, weight lifting, and circuit training.

How does this type of exercise work When you start to exercises such as lifting weights for this example you do work in sets. Usually 8–10 repetitions per set then you take a break before doing the set again or moving on depending on your routine. When you begin the set there is a temporary shortage of oxygen being delivered to the muscles and lactic acid is produced. The more you work out the more the lactic acid is produced and put into your bloodstream and as that amount is increases it produces muscular fatigue. This is why this type of exercises is usually only for short burst of time.

As you train your body adapts and you are better able to handle the production of lactic acid. In reality your body produces a buffer that slows the fatigue response in your muscles. As you exercise and get stronger the body is better able to handle the lactic acid as more of this buffering chemical is produced. When the exercises become easy you increase the resistance or distance or cycle depending on the type of exercises you are doing and the process starts all over.

The other benefit is you now have increased your muscle mass and the amount of energy that your muscles need to move because they have a larger mass. This increase means that you now need more energy to move the muscles and now they will start to burn more energy and more fat. This process even happens while you are at rest or sleeping, a true fat burning machine.

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