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The MPC Fitness program offers a variety of weight-based workouts to increase your stamina and physique.

Training with weights is a good way to increase intensity, and it is also a great visual way to show you are progressing.

Here are three weight-based strength workouts that you will come across in the MPC fitness routine.

They will help you gain power and strength, making you healthier and stronger over time.

V Grip Pulldowns

Note: Chest out with a slight lean back

This is a great back exercise that targets the lats, a difficult muscle for most to target.

Training your lats will help you fix bad posture and will make you stronger, helping you with other weight-based exercises.

When executing the pulldown, it’s important to keep your chest out while slightly leaning back.

You don’t want your back to be straight, but you want to avoid swinging farther back while you pull the bar down.

On your pull down, squeeze your shoulder blades to target your lats.

Your lats will stabilize your core and will aid you in almost all upper arm and shoulder rotations.

Training your lats will also increase your upper body strength, meaning you will be able to up the weight very quickly and progress further.

Your flexibility will also increase, as your lats assist with rotating your core and overall back movements.

V grip pulldowns are so diversely beneficial, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t add them to your routine.

Sumo deadlifts

An alternative to conventional deadlifts, the sumo deadlift allows your torso to remain vertical at the starting point.

That way, your lower back takes less strength than it would in a regular deadlift.

Instead, the sumo deadlift targets the quads, hamstrings and glutes, and helps you build strength and mass to the VMO.

This exercise is popular among powerlifters, because the bar has less distance to travel in the sumo stance.

At the end of each rep, you put the bar back on the ground, while maintaining the sumo-like pose to train your lower back.

Try the sumo deadlift out, and start lifting like a powerlifter!

Single armed braced shoulder press

This mouthful of an exercise is an excellent way to develop strength in your delts.

Our MPC Fitness professionals recommend that beginners start with this workout by doing standard overhead seated presses.

You can add resistance bands and play around with removing your back support during your seated press stage until you’ve achieved enough core and arm strength and stability to try it standing up.

As you fully extend your arm with the weight, make sure to hold it at its peak for a moment, before taking it down in full control.

Your safety is always the primary concern — not being in full control while you take your arm down is dangerous, those weights can cause some serious damage.

When you progress to the single arm standing version of this exercise, it’s important that you do it right!

Most people will shift their weight away while doing a raised press by leaning into the arm.


Lock your core, and remain level and resist the urge to sway during the exercise to do the single armed braced shoulder press properly.

With this exercise, your form is the most important part of the routine.

Shifting, swaying, and focusing on the wrong muscles won’t train the proper parts of your body, and will hinder your workout.

Shoulder presses will reduce the risk of injuries for your upper body and arms, and it will also train your triceps and delts to execute heavier reps in your other exercises.

Add this press to your routine, and you’ll soon be able to add a bunch of other bench and dip-like exercises to your fitness regimen.

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