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We recently had a Parvo case at our clinic. Now when Parvo springs to mind you may be thinking the dog was completely unvaccinated or the owner has taken the dog out in public and it has ‘caught’ Parvo.

You may know what Parvo virus is. If you aren’t sure, please have a read of our previous blog. Parvovirus — What is it?

In this story we are going to refer to the dog as B. This story is a bit different to your ‘typical’ Parvo case. B and his owner presented to us in the afternoon, he was about 6 months old. When asked, the owner said B had been vaccinated but after further questioning we found out B hadn’t completed the vaccination course for a puppy.

Puppies require at least 2 vaccinations, 4 weeks apart. We recommend the first vaccination happens between 6–8 weeks of age and the second vaccination should be about 4 weeks after that (so 10–12 weeks old). The important part of the vaccination protocol for dogs is that their second vaccination must be done when they are OVER 10 weeks of age. This is to do with maternal antibodies which can affect their immunity against diseases such as Parvo.

If a puppy only has one vaccination before 10 weeks of age, they are not protected!

In B’s case he only had one vaccination at 8 weeks of age. Further to his history, had not been out because his owner was afraid he would get Parvo.

Now if you know about Parvo, you’ll know that it can live in the ground for 20 years+ and you can bring Parvo home on your shoes, just from walking. That’s how contagious Parvo is!

First step was a Parvo test, which came back positive. B was immediately admitted to hospital and we began treatment. Within a couple of days Parvo got the better of B and unfortunately he is no longer with us. Parvo is brutal.

The point of this blog is to stress how contagious Parvo really is. The best medicine is prevention in this case. Please, please, please make sure your dogs are vaccinated and if you have a puppy, please make sure they have at least 2 vaccinations.

Parvo is something we can prevent but we can’t prevent it without your help.

If you are unsure of your pet’s vaccination history or if you are worried about your pets health please call your local vet and ask.

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