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Happy Monday! I woke up today feeling ready and motivated to have the most productive week. Ever since I was sick I have felt not-so-great about my workouts, but today I finally hit that point where my motivation is back and I am ready to put in work. My plan for today is to get in the gym at around 5:15pm to get my leg day started.

Mondays usually are my days that go by fast because I have so much that I do on these days. I start my day by waking up at 4:40am and going to the gym and do cardio for 45 minutes. With the training program I am on I am doing a cardio circuit called low-intensity sedentary state (LISS) cardio. This program is basically keeping my heartrate in a zone that is only burning fat, not muscle. Once I finish this, I go home and get ready for work and school. I get to work at 8am and work until 11:15am. Once I am off of work, I go to my internship class from 11:30am until 2:30pm to tutor students in writing at the SJSU COMM Center. Lastly, I have class from 3:00pm until 4:15pm, then I finally get to go home. This is now the time I get to go workout!

Tonight’s workout I plan on starting with a warm up to get my legs ready for the rest of the gym session. Then, I am going to move into squats and try and do moderate weights with many reps. After, I am going to move in to Sumo Deadlifts and do the same reps and sets and squats. If the gym is not too busy, I might do Hip Bridges instead of Sumo Deadlifts. After these compound movements, I plan on working on accessories and hypertrophy training. My hope is to be out of the gym by 7 and then I am going to go home, watch TV with my boyfriend and eat so I can feed my muscles!

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