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Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.

Do you love to workout? Do you need to workout? Are your arms, the same as they used to be, tight, or are they going south toward your waistline? Is your butt tight or sagging? Do you have tight abs or a love handle gut that you have to cover with a shirt or blouse?

Don’t allow your chronological age to shadow your necessary biological age. Feeling older than your years is your chronological years whereas your biological age is how well your body internally and externally is aging. Feeling younger than your years, that’s your biological age. You are doing the right thing and your body is responding in a getting younger way.

Age is a matter of feeling, not of years. Curtis

I used to live in New York, where there were only two months of Summer and was very hot, therefor fitness was not a priority at that time. The fitness craze is nationwide now. Having a highly stressful job as an IT Manager drove me to fitness while living in New York. One day a co worker invited me to her gym with a free pass. Reluctantly, I accepted the pass and attended the gym. Work ed out on the treadmill for thirty minutes and miraculous my stress disappeared. It was just that simple. Decided to return the next day and found that stress took a back seat to my working out. From thirty minutes to forty five minutes, to an hour, then onto an hour and a half and up to two hours and a half became my norm. Not only did I eliminate the stress in my life, but generally felt better internally and externally. Twenty plus years later, I am in the gym six days a week. One of the best decisions I have ever made and highly recommend fitness to all for your biological age and just staying healthier.

Fitness on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 10 just like your doctor’s visits. It’s a necessity and medicine cannot beat the benefits. If so, everyone would be taking a pill, including your’s truly. Somethings money can’t buy and somethings medicine can not give you. You have to give this gift of fitness to your self, when you can and where you can.

Some benefits of fitness include a proven stress reliever, shedding weight via fitness helps you to maintain your weight unlike fad diet. Exercise just automatically does wonders for the body. Although we consider chronological age to be our real age, we often overlook the fact that some people with a chronological age of 50 may be as fit as 30 year old’s, yet others have a chronological age of 35, but in terms of their physical condition are 60 yrs old. To determine a person’s true state of health, we must examine their biological age. Biological age is calculated on the basis of a person’s physical and mental condition — and therefore expresses their true age.

While age is truly a number but your body doesn’t have to agree with it. The power lies within you. Exercising plus a healthy diet are your tools to a better physical and mental you.

When, where and how? These are the questions that stand between those that workout and those that don’’t. If you are the later, allow me to introduce a system that will enable you to workout anywhere and anytime your schedule permits.

Fitness-Gym-In-A-Bag is a set of four resistance bands of various strength from light, medium to heavy and super heavy. They come in a black silklike lightweight traveling pouch for easy transporting. With Fitness-Gym-In-A-Bag, it will afford you to workout anywhere and anytime.

One consumer of Fitness-Gym-In-a-Bag was traveling to Africa on a very long flight which included much sitting, after a few hours on the plane she whipped out Fitness-Gym-In-a-Bag and started to exercise her arms and legs. How cool is that. Over the last decade, their have been quite a few travelers who were sedentary and had a blood clot that started in the legs and traveled to the brain and caused death. Fitness-Gym-In-A-Bag could be your life saver to get the body moving during a very long flight or being in a sedentary position for a very long time. Even sitting at an office desk, whip them out and get the body breathing. Driving a car for hours, take a break, whip out these bands and get the blood flowing. It’s all so simple to do, one must commit.

Below is a link to some videos to get you started using Fitness-Gym-In-A-Bag!! Love to hear about your progress. Need an accountability partner? Become your own, and don’t disappoint yourself.

Working out, make it count and prove your biological age is the champion! It speaks so loud everyone listens and notice.

Age is no barrier but a limitation that your put on your mind.

EPMcKnight is a writer and fitness instructor in the Southern California area. She’s passionate about health, fitness and sustainable living. She’s currently teaching cycling and aerobics & body toning along with aqua aerobics. You can keep up with her

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