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The foods we eat can have a great impact on our body’s general health, how we feel physically and emotionally and impact the energy we have on a day to day basis. Many people say the phase “you are what you eat.” This phrase has so much more truth to it than you could imagine! We what we put into our bodies is what influences so many things in our bodies. Everything from general health to organ function to mental awareness, all this is heavily influence based off of what we eat!

In high school I was a very active athlete and so I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and not have to worry about weight gain or anything like that. What I did worry about though was how what I ate would impact my performance. I learned that sugar can have very negative side effects and quickly decided to avoid sugars. I decided to cut out desserts and soda as the two major forms of sugar from my diet. As time passed I noticed how my performance gradually improved and I felt healthier over all each day.

I used to eat almost anything that I deemed healthy. Including all types of meats. My experience with meat has been mixed over the past several years. I went and lived in Brazil for two years as I participated in an extended volunteer service mission. We commonly ate with the locals and it was always delicious food. Towards the end to the two years I fell very ill and could not keep weight on. I lost about 21 pounds in a short period of time (remember, I am an athlete and do not have 21 pounds just hanging around my body that I could afford to lose). I was able to finish the two years and eventually returned home to reunite with family and friends.

As I got the medical attention that I needed and began to regain my health, I was very ill every time that I would try to eat any type of meat. I had to cut meat out of my diet! At first it was terrible, I loved meat so much!

Now that I have avoided eating meat for several months I do not crave meat that much. I do eat fish and have learned to love salmon and that doesn’t bother me. Red meat does me dirty and chicken makes me nauseas. I am learning what my body likes and does not like and I am eating according to that. I feel much healthier and I feel that I consistently have more energy and that my mind is clearer!

Eating in a new and healthy way has given me so many benefits and I hope you would explore these benefits too!

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