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Mumable Moves is like my third child and whilst I don’t have to burp it or change its nappy, I’m loving watching it grow!

The idea for Mumable Moves came whilst I was on maternity leave following the birth of my second son. After an uncomfortable pregnancy where my levels of activity had virtually fallen off a cliff edge, I wanted to start being active again and get out of the house and see adult faces too. If I’m honest I feel I was starting to get cabin fever and I felt like I was losing a bit of myself in some way too. It wasn’t about losing weight but more about being active, increasing my fitness levels and being happy. I just needed to find something to get started and given the age of my son at the time that I could bring him along with me too.

So, a lot of searching followed and I found a local buggy walking & fitness group which I vowed to join on the next available opportunity. The group turned out to be a fabulous group of mums with little ones of every age who also wanted to get out of the house for an hour too.

From these weekly walks and talks I realised that most of us where trying to be more active and were looking for different ways of doing so and that whilst the internet is a fantastic thing, searching here, there and everywhere to find out what was happening locally was all a bit time consuming. Time between naps is precious after all. The information needed to be in just one place!

I have finally had the opportunity to start Mumable Moves and hope that by putting together all the info for local mums I can no only save you having to search everywhere but also encourage and inspire you in your pursuit of being more active. This might be for your own ‘Mummy Me Time’ or with the children or getting the whole family on the move.

With the benefits of being active to both body and mind being so vital to your wellbeing — how you do it isn’t important setting aside time to be active is what’s key. So Mumable Moves will show you lots of great ideas on how you can be active from local fitness classes, to things you can do in and around the home along with activities and local events that can help get the rest of the family moving too. Hopefully you will be inspired by what Mumable Moves has to offer and have fun along the way!

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