The Most Effective Physical Exercise a Writer Should Be Doing Every Day

Milana Perepyolkina

International Bestselling Author of the book “Gypsy Energy Secrets: Turning a Bad Day into a Good Day No Matter What Life Throws at You


The most effective type of exercise someone should be doing every day is Figure Eight. It has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.

Physical: It stimulates digestion and elimination. It strengthens the core and prevents back pain.

Emotional: It stimulates sensuality and increases libido.

Mental: It stimulates the vagus nerve that is responsible for stress relief.

Spiritual: It stimulates the first, second and third chakras (energy centers) and increases security, sexuality, and willpower.

Here is how I do the move:

I move my right hip forward and up, then back and down (my weight is on the left foot); I move my left hip forward and up, then back and down (my weight is on the right foot).

I imagine horizontal figure eight with its center in my belly. I keep my belly tight and keep moving my hips in a continuous flow.

Just like a figure eight has no beginning and no end, my move is fluid and smooth, almost meditative.

My hips are moving but my shoulders are not. I experiment with raising my arms to the side, in front of me or above my head. I experiment with lowering my head or throwing it back. I keep breathing deep and slow. I experiment with one breath per entire figure eight. I speed it up, then slow it down. I go really fast, then extremely slow. I play with the move going fast on the right side and slowing down on the left side. I do it with my knees bent or straight.

There is a metaphysical explanation for the benefits of this move. Keep your mind open and listen: Our belly is our powerhouse, our energy center.

When I do this move, I activate, refresh and restore this energy center. My internal organs get oxygenated and more oxygen flows to my brain as well. I do this move to my favorite music with my eyes closed, I get lost in time and receive unusual inspiration.

I dance it with a coy smile. I make sensual sounds. I wear different clothes or no clothes at all.

It makes me feel like a powerful wise goddess and the world is ready for me to share my gifts.

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