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Natural Weight Loss

by Vincent Paradis

Every where I look there are overweight people.
And they are not happy. 
They have tried all sorts of things to lose weight, exercise, diets, hypnosis, surgery, etc., to no avail.
They are fat and getting fatter.

So is there a natural way that would lead to weight loss which has been overlooked?

Yes there is.
The natural way to lose weight is to eat less.

To get started in losing weight the natural way, just follow these simple steps …

Get a little note book … make this your weight loss diary.
Weight yourself every morning before breakfast. 
Make a note of what you eat, through out the day, every day.
You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

To lose weight, just start to eat less of what you eat any time you eat.
Eat whatever you want but just eat less of it.
It will not take long before you will start to notice that your weight level is decreasing.
You will be losing weight.

It’s that simple, and it works.
If at times you pig out, you will notice an increase in weight the next day when you weight yourself.

The law of nature is that when you eat more than what your body can immediately use, the excess food will be converted into fat and you will gain weight.
The body does not poop out the excess.
Whatever you eat is either used or it is kept.

Your diary will tell you when you have eaten more the previous day than you need and when you are under eating.
You want to continuously under eat. 
You want to eat less of whatever you eat, until you have reach the weight level you want … and then you can maintain that weight level by eating just that amount of food.

Again, you can eat whatever you want, just eat less of it.
You will not starve to death by eating less than usual.

Let your weight scale be your guide.
Eat more … gain weight, eat less … lose weight, it’s that simple.

But if you are inclined to just eat and over eat with no regard to what happens to your body weight, then no diet, or exercise, or anything can help you lose weight.
As to what foods to eat, that is up to you.
Choose wisely. You want to eat for health and happiness.
Also note, that what you eat and drink will determine if you will gain weight or lose weight.
Different foods and drinks have different calorie densities, water 0, lettuce 5, beer 154, Whopper Burger 677, french fries 367, and so on.
Generally speaking, foods containing fat and carbs have higher calorie densities. 
As a final piece of info, on average, a person needs just about 2,000 calories a day, more or less to maintain their present weight level.

So when you are ready to start losing weight, just start to eat less.
Keep track of what you eat everyday, and check your weight the next day in the morning. That’s it.
It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s the natural way to lose weight.

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