A Woman Can Still Look Great As She Ages If . . . She Learns How To Do It. — Life Is Beautiful

Are You One Of The 40,000,000 Invisible Women In Our Society? It’s a sad but true fact that so many women over forty feel invisible.

One of the things that inspired me to do what I now do, after having had an executive position with a telecom giant, was an experience I had one day following one of my seminars.

An attractive, well-dressed woman came up to me and told me that the thing she hated most about becoming older was that she felt invisible. She explained how, everywhere you look, you see women in their twenties and thirties being presented as role models for beauty and style.

Rarely do you see mature women in TV and print ads and some of the fashion magazines feature teenagers as models. There’s only one magazine devoted entirely to the mature woman — More Magazine.

Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to become an invisible part of society. It doesn’t mean we have to let ourselves go, gain weight and start looking frumpy. My late aunt Josie, while in her eighties, looked like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue whenever she went out.

A woman can still look great as she ages if . . . she learns how to do it.

Many of the makeup techniques that work on a twenty or thirty-year-old are a disaster on the face of a forty-five-year-old woman.

Unfortunately, many older women have not yet learned this. As we age, one of the makeup secrets we need to know is that “Less is better.”

Mistakes in wardrobe are even more apparent. Recently, I was asked by a national magazine to comment on some celebrity women. Here’s what I had to say about an outfit that Kim Catrall, who I happen to adore, was wearing:

“Belly bearing cutoffs and lace-up top are not for the over forty women. Longer, boy cut shorts and a fuller cut tank with a built-in bra would give her the same bare look.”

Below are some fashion anchors every woman over forty should have in her wardrobe:

– A “Little Black Dress” — Black/Navy Pencil or A-Line Skirt — Black/Navy Slacks/Trousers — Black Cashmere Sweater — White Shirt — Comfortable yet Chic Black 2″ heels — Classic Trench Coat

Fashion tips: Pants with clean lines, no pockets, no pleats look best on almost every woman because they are slimming.

Black or navy will make you look thinner, but add some colour with accessories to give your look some flair. Elastic waist pants or skirts are to be avoided at all costs because they flatter no one.

Develop a signature. Wear a favourite ring or a special bracelet all the time. Something people will always identify and remember about you.

The scarf should be a wardrobe staple. Learn how to use it and wear it many ways, such as, looped through your pants as a belt, or tied on the handle of your handbag.

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