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What on earth would you need a Doomsday Medicine for?

At this moment we basically have unlimited access to medical care and most medicines. Between pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and urgent care facilities you’d have to work hard not to find medical care in a 5 mile radius.

It might not be that way forever.

In the face of all major disasters, whether man made or natural, we see several things happen. It varies in terms of order, but it usually shakes out the same.

· Damage to critical infrastructure

· Damage to business and residential properties

· Supply Chain Disruption (i.e. food and medicines are not shipped in)

· Emergency Management is overwhelmed

· Basic services are limited or gone altogether

In Venezuela the long term grid down scenario has started to affect the remaining hospitals. Many doctors stopped operating and left long ago but now the last vestige of medical care is being affected. Medical attention is always limited in natural disasters. The resources are strained.

Do you have the supplies and skills to react if you are called upon to be the family physician?

What’s Wrong with the Average First Aid Kit

The average first aid kit is little more than a collection of band aids, a few gauze pads and some creams that can help things like stings.

Because of our incredible access to medical professionals, on demand, we have created an illusion that we do not need these skills. In most cases people make it to the hospital before they die. That is a testament to the power and effectiveness of modern medical practices and logistics.

If it all goes away, even for a short time, you might call on that first aid kit to save a life. That is something the average first aid kit is just not designed for.

Rather than bank on the store bought first aid kit, you need to build your own, fully functional, Doomsday Medicine Chest. This chest will be there to answer the call in the worst of times. Of course, you are wondering what makes up a Doomsday Medicine Chest.

What is a Doomsday Medicine Chest?

The term was coined by Dr. Ralph La Guardia, the author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine. This 900 page monster of medical information is the most comprehensive guide to preventative medicine, natural healing and traditional methods on the market.

The book is broken into many helpful sections, but the final section is all about building your own Doomsday Medicine Chest. The section is a massive list of medications and resources to include. Even better, the full list is in alphabetical order so its very easy to consult when you are considering adding something else.

If you are looking for the full blueprint to create your own DMC than you need to buy The Doomsday Book of Medicine. This is a resource you will want access to in times of disaster.

Here are 10 items that we recommend find a home in your DMC.


Pink Bismuth

In austere situations the contamination of food and water will happen more frequently. That means you could have several gastrointestinal issues.


The standard for pain and relief and fever. Its good to have some on hand as a serious fever can be deadly in a survival situation.

Allergy Medicine

While you might think that allergies are just a nuisance, they can give way to things like upper respiratory infections. In today’s world that’s just a trip to the doctor for some antibiotic. What happens when there are no doctors?

Emergen C

This is not necessarily a medicine but it’s a powerful immune booster that gives you energy, too. Boosting immunity will be vital and each packet hits you with 1000 mgs of vitamin C and a powerful profile of B vitamins.

Children’s Pain Reliever

Whether you have kids or not you need an answer for children’s pain relief and fever. You are going to cross paths with someone who has these issues or a family member with young kids.


Essential Oils

A broad selection of essential oils can have a huge effect on things. Tea tree oil, mint oil, oregano oil, frankincense and maybe even a lemon oil. There are many more to get but these will all have drastic effects.

White Willow Bark

This bark can be boiled as and taken as a tea to affect pain and fever. The active ingredient is salicylic acid which is the same ingredient in aspirin.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an incredible healer and its uses are explored in detail in The Doomsday Book of Medicine as well. There is an entire chapter on using baking soda to treat all sorts of issues.

Epsom Salt

This powerful dose of magnesium has many uses and can even be used as a poultice! Keep these around the home.

Mint Salve

A simple mix of mint and beeswax can go a long way. This is a great use for that mint essential oil. You rub this salve on aches and pains or use it like you would a Vick’s style rub.


Does the Doomsday Medicine Chest sound like something you would be interested in? All of preparedness comes down to taking advantage of the time and excess resources we have today. We have been blessed with this moment in time where you can have medical supplies rushed to your front door in a few hours.

Use this time to your advantage. Put together something that will benefit your family in times of need. We all face regional disasters that affect our towns and cities. It is your duty as a responsible family member to prepare for the worst.

It’s not about paranoia its about having the answer when you are called upon.

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