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Carom seeds or Ajawin are very popular kind of seeds in India, it possesses the antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Carom seeds are the most common ingredient used for cooking in Asia and Middle Eastern countries, apart from cooking it could also be used in a variety of things.

What are Carom Seeds?

Ajwain is a small, oval-shaped, seed-like fruits. they are more aromatic and less subtle in taste, as well as being somewhat bitter and pungent. Even a small number of fruits tends to dominate the flavor of a dish, the few benefits it could provide are:

  • Improves the digestive system of Body
  • Helps in curing the common cold and cough
  • Relief from the pain in ear and toothache
  • Helps in reducing weight loss
  • Lessen graying of hairs
  • Helps in reducing the irregular periods and menses
  • Relief from Arthritis
  • Improves acne- Add a teaspoon of carom seeds and lemon and mix it apply it for an hour and rinse your fash with water, repeat it for 10–15 days regularly.
  • Help in maintaining the Cholesterol level

Improves digestive health

Ajwain gives instant relief from acidity and indigestion. The enzymes in ajwain facilitate the release of gastric juices, thus improving the digestive functions. Ajwain if taken with the small quantity of salt and warm water solves indigestion problems.

Helps in curing the common cold

Ajwain helps in clearing nasal blockage by discharging the mucus easily. Chewing ajwain with lukewarm water helps in curing a cold. Ajwain powder taken in a clean cloth if inhaled frequently cures a migraine headache. Ajwain is also good for curing asthma and bronchitis.

Relief from pain in ear and toothache

To get relief from earaches, two drops of ajwain oil are enough. And to cure a toothache, gargle with lukewarm water combined with 1 teaspoon ajwain and salt.

Lessen graying of hairs

Ajwain helps in lessening premature greying of hairs. Cook curry leaves + dry grapes + ajwain in a cup of water and drinks the mixture every day to prevent pre maturation of hairs.

Relief from Arthritis

Ajwain has antibiotic properties, thus helping in reducing redness and combat inflammation. They also have anesthetic properties that give relief from pain and swelling. Apply the paste of crushed ajwain seeds to joints or soak in a tub of warm water with the hand full of ajwain seeds in it to get relief.

Helps in treating excessive Bleeding and irregular menses

Drinking Oma water helps in curing problems of indigestion for pregnant women by cleaning the uterus and also solves the issues of Irregular Period. Oma water is prepared by boiling 2 spoons of roasted ajwain in water.

Treating pain due to kidney disorders

Ajwain when mixed with honey and vinegar and used for 10 days, dissolves kidney stones that ultimately remove with urine. Thus ajwain helps in curing kidney disorders.

Helps in reducing weight

The appetite-stimulating properties and the laxative components of Ajwain fastens the bowel movement thus helping in Weight Loss

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