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Dubai is home to quite a few gyms. This trend has increased immensely over the last few years, and it is very easy to notice when driving around. Some areas appear to have a higher concentration ratio of new gym openings than others, Al Quoz for example is home to quite a few gyms.

Going to the gym is hugely important for your health, for example, Harvard University research shows that regular exercise and fitness (every day if possible) is the single most important thing you can do for your health. If you stop to think about this for a minute, it is a pretty huge deal. Almost every medical condition can be minimized or reduced by maintaining a strong and healthy body. Getting to this goal however, is the hard part, which is why having an awesome gym to go to can be the difference between achieving this goal or not.

Living in Business Bay in Dubai can make finding a good place to work out difficult. Business Bay is an area in Dubai that many people either love or hate, it is a jungle of concrete and steel with high-rises that are home to thousands of people and offices. What makes it a convenient place to live is it’s location, there are a lot of pros and cons to living in Business Bay, but being close to the centre of everything in the new side of Dubai is definitely a huge plus.

A great gym in Business Bay is definitely Warehouse Gym. This is more a work of art than a gym, the layout, design and styling are simply one of a kind!

This gym has a full workout schedule, with CrossFit area and classes that starts from 6:30am every day. It also plays host to a special boxing studio where they have BoxFit classes that are a great cardiovascular workout to shred calories. This is not forgetting the yoga classes that they have going on there as well as beginner classes for CrossFit. The personal training team that they have there is highly experienced and specialized in assisting you achieve your goals.

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