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“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. I will be your Board Certified Anesthesiologist taking you through our discussion…”

Over the years I contributed to various online publications, and now I feel it is calling me back to the medium. I guess online and digital presence have never been so important. Recently I feel like I have heard “good online presence” multiple times as a good quality in a person and leader. Since when? Years ago “blogging” was isolated for most with many publications going unread, but now with our president leading the country via Twitter I guess online quips mean more than ever.

While the exact direction of the discussion here is to be determined, the perspective will be coming through the lens of my expertise in medicine filtered by my experiences in various hospitals, Wall Street, and the US Senate. Surely there will be a lot of talk about “health care” and “medicine.” While these two terms are similar, they can be very different at times. Medicine refers more to doctor-centric experiences including patient care and self-organization. Health care refers to the massive system geared to heal people that includes medicine. Any reader of things medical and health care will see that perspectives on these topics can come from many angles, and the direction here is from a physician with a background in policy, business, organized medicine, and high-quality health care.

While I am not expecting massive viewership and participation, for anyone engaged here I just request positive vibes only. One thing I have found is that life is a lot better and more productive when negativity is ignored.

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