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Why Excessive Consumption Limits Your Creativity —

“If most of us, myself included, were completely honest about our balance between consumption and creation, we’d see that it’s pretty out of whack. We consume far more than we create when it should be the opposite. Every day our consumption diet includes any of the following”

Flourishing Together — The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

“Raman Chadha believes you don’t become more emotionally intelligent by reading a book, blog posts or articles in the popular press. You do so by consciously practicing emotionally intelligent behaviors day in and day out…forever. This podcast is the next step to bringing the Junto principles, practices and teachings to a broader audience.”

Healthy Human

11 Mental Models of Weightlifting —

As someone who has been lifting since they were 16, this article is spot on!

“I under-estimated how much fitness is a foundation. When I make weightlifting my first priority, my diet and sleep fall perfectly in line. I’m more productive at work. I have more willpower. More calm. More energy. I used to think I was sacrificing health for the sake of work or fun or time to relax. The beautiful paradox is that when I put my workout first… every one of those is better than ever before. This idea connects right back into #1, because positive habits enable other positive habits. Whatever your foundation is, find it and put it first.”

Matthew Walker, Ph.D., on sleep — Part I of III: Dangers of poor sleep, Alzheimer’s risk, mental health, memory consolidation, and more — Peter Attia —


“In part 1 of this 3 part series, Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience at UC Berkeley and expert on sleep, describes the different stages, and cycles, of sleep, including what he calls the 4 pillars of sleep, and how they contribute to memory consolidation and numerous important pathways to mental health. We also get into the dangers of chronic sleep deprivation, such as the development of dementia, and the more acute dangers of sleep deprivation like fatal car crashes which are most often caused by drowsy driving. We also discuss the different and important roles of REM vs. non-REM sleep, and the impact that bad sleep habits can have specifically on those sleep stages.”

Human Builders

How to select and develop individuals for successful agile teams: A practical guide

What personality traits and values help agile teams bloom? Discover ways to identify these when recruiting and coaching your people.

State of the cloud 2019 · Bessemer Venture Partners 
 While uncertain times are still ahead, cloud founders don’t have to thwart their aspirations of growth. Developing a new level of operational rigor by following the G.R.I.T. framework is one way for founders to understand their growth and build an enduring business along the way.

Decision supervision — 
 Let’s get to the heart of product management — decision supervision. Sometimes it’s your job to make a decision, other times it’s your job to guide others so they can make the best decision. Both roles are equally challenging, and important in achieving successful outcomes.

Apple’s Services Event —

Great Analysis on Apple’s Services Event and how this strategy can/may be integrated into the broader Apple strategy.

Future Humans

Ghost in the Machine —

“Ghost in the Machine asks the big questions: What is consciousness? Could Artificial Intelligence ever be conscious? Could we even ever prove that it was? And if we could, what would that mean to our society and our future?”

Are we close to solving the puzzle of consciousness? — 
 Giulio Tononi’s “integrated information theory” might solve neuroscience’s biggest puzzle

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