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Drinking a cup of warm water with lemon juice upon waking is a delicious and doable addition to your morning routine.

This small task sets you up for a healthy day by hydrating your body with a super alkaline source of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, and electrolytes that support immunity, detoxification, digestion, and weight loss.

Try fresh lemon juice in warm water, green drinks, and dressings, or with ice water and stevia or honey to make a refreshing lemonade. This citrus delight is also delicious squeezed onto salads, veggies, chicken or fish.

Hydration Helper

Rich in electrolytes, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, lemons help hydrate the body. Potassium, in particular, nourishes brain cells, supports the nervous system, and controls blood pressure.

Immunity Booster

High in immune-boosting vitamin C and super-antioxidant bioflavonoids, lemon juice is excellent for reducing inflammation and preventing illness. Lemon peels contain limonoids, compounds particularly beneficial for protecting the body against cancer.

Detox Delight

Enjoyed first thing in the morning, fresh lemon juice nourishes the liver to support detoxification. Eliminating toxins reduces body fat, clears acne and rejuvenates the skin. Lemon juice also stimulates bile production and elimination to aid digestion and dissolve gallstones. It can even inhibit kidney stone growth and harmful calcium build up.

Digestive Support

Added to water or drizzled on salad and enjoyed about 10 minutes before meals, lemon juice is amazing for digestion as it stimulates digestive juices that break down, absorb and digest nutrients. Especially when combined with warm water, lemon juice stimulates peristalsis, the muscle contractions involved in elimination, which is especially helpful for relieving constipation.

Weight Loss Winner

Lemons support weight loss with their pectin fiber reducing hunger cravings and their acidic ability to lower blood sugar levels by slowing the digestion of carbs.

Alkaline Lover

Although acidic in nature, lemons become one of the most alkaline foods on the planet once metabolized by the body. Creating a highly alkaline internal environment decreases inflammation and reduces disease risk.

Fresh Lemonade

Serves 1
2 cups water
2 organic whole lemons
stevia or raw local honey, to taste
ice (optional)
Instructions: Add ingredients to a blender. Blend until pureed. Strain & enjoy cold.

Note: many of the nutrients are in the peel, so enjoy organic lemons whole for maximum benefits.

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