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As I sit on a flight to start a vacation with my wife I can’t get these questions out of my head; What if our entire society understood the importance of what health actually is? What if everyone was educated on how to use nutrition and exercise to optimize health? Could that be a major step towards making a positive change in the world? While that may sound far fetched, as you start to really dig into how we are genetically programmed to operate, and look at what is actually going on in the world, it may make more sense. To imagine the world in a way that is so far removed from the current reality seems overwhelming when thinking of all of the change that would need to take place to get there. But the truth is, we have already been there, and it wasn’t that long ago. What if getting there was as simple as getting people to prioritize their health? I believe that it is a really good place to start.

Back to my flight and why this thought has went from a constant spark in my mind to a burning fire that won’t go out…

At first glance it is hard not to notice the people surrounding us struggling to sit down and stand up out of the seats that they are spilling over. I can’t help but feel sorry that they don’t know that the sodas they are ordering and the pre-packaged food loaded with sugar they are eating is the leading cause of their lack of ability to function normally. My wife and I are the minority, we are surrounded by people that look, eat, and think differently and without even having a conversation with any of them it is inherently obvious how different we are. This has nothing to do with the color of our skin or theirs, religious beliefs, or where we were born. It has everything to do with the lifestyle that we have made the CHOICE to live versus the new standard western lifestyle that they CHOOSE to live based on a false sense of what is healthy from our governments recommendations.

As time surrounded by these different creatures continues to pass by, my over observant self continues to hear and see more than I’d like. The true differences in lifestyle and personality are so glaringly obvious that I can’t help but wonder what it would look like not just on this flight but for the entire world if people were aware of their impact. The impact that the traditional western lifestyle that they live has on themselves, those that surround them, and on the planet they live on.

The foundation of health is nutrition, by starting there and only eating and drinking what you need to perform each day you have already greatly decreased your chance of ending up with major health issues and reduced the amount of food that needs to be grown/raised, packaged, transported, etc. (On average americans are consuming 1,000 calories more per day than what they actually need) Now take it a step further and only eat unprocessed foods that naturally come from or roam the earth and again you have drastically lessened your footprint and at the same time, have pushed yourself further away from falling into the black hole of medical expenses and prescription medications. I could go on and on with the nutrition piece and how the changes to what and how we eat can greatly impact the world. Then you start to add exercise or some type of consistent physical activity in each day and the energy levels will start to increase along with releasing stress which will help keep you in a better place emotionally and psychologically. In a time where depression and anxiety are affecting the overwhelming majority and those being diagnosed are being prescribed drugs that are known to cause suicidal thoughts, and a bunch of other stuff that is leading to increased rates of suicide and violence, that uplifting physical activity is that much more important. On a smaller level but equally important in our society the low levels of confidence and self esteem can be completely turned around through proper nutrition and exercise. They start to lift weights and get strong, or they only eat what they need and run everyday and they see positive changes in their body. All of this leads to a better more productive member of society and keeps them from becoming a healthcare or suicide statistic.

Just imagine seeing humans become human again, no more zombies staring at screens, popping pills just to make it through each day, no more random acts of violence by those on medications that have taken over their thoughts. Our world and life combined should be a beautiful thing and we are absolutely destroying it by not making health a priority. Until we as a whole accept where we are at and how bad it really is, we will continue down a path that will lead us to a place where our ancestors will not recognize us or the world that we live in. By making a choice to live a lifestyle that prioritizes health you will become a part of the solution.

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