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March is almost ending, how is everything going with your 2019 resolutions? Whether it’s getting fit, losing weight, traveling more, or even learning how to juggle, resolutions are a great way to re-evaluate what we’ve done in the past and see what can be changed. Unfortunately, resolutions are often difficult to follow through and many of us often fail at achieving our goals.

With that in mind, home workout apps have become a popular and great way for mobile users to achieve their fitness and health related new year resolutions. The best part is, they are completely free and can be done anywhere without any gym equipment. Here are two great home workout apps for you to achieve your fitness and health related goals.

Abs Workout

One of the most difficult fat to lose is belly fat, especially lower belly fat. The most effective way to burn off that stubborn belly fat and get the rocking hot body you’ve always secretly wanted, is effective exercises and workouts specifically targeting the abdominal area.

Abs Workout is an easy-to-use and effective app to help achieve the abs you are looking for. Select from a variety of structured workout courses to receive relevant fat burning and abs building exercises. Course have professional exercises with video demonstrations for you to follow with. You can also achieve weight goals and develop healthy habits through Abs Workout’s step tracker and calories burned feature.


Its commonly believed that going to the gym and lifting weights is the most effective way to workout. But the truth is, home workouts have been proven to be just as effective simply by leveraging your own bodyweight.

ManFIT provides workouts geared towards men from building muscles for specific areas of the body to increasing your body’s endurance and explosive force. Its courses are organized into different stages that increase in intensity each week.

Start sweating today with Abs Workout and ManFIT anywhere at any time without any equipment. You can download both from Google Play to begin your journey in achieving your fitness and health goals.

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