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People now-a-days are more prone to exercise; call it literacy, awareness, fashion or what ever, but they are willing to work for health. And the people who are not willing, are so because they are just conveniently lazy. Knowing how to workout and how much? Thats a delima and one of the biggest reasons of discontinuity in both kinds of people.

If you are starting exercising on your own then dont be afraid to do it. All you need to know is what to do, the benefits and the mechanisms; then you can judge yourself if they are right or wrong. Since these are the basics, so lets get started!

I am going to start with the most simple exercise ever:

The “breath in, breath out like a doggy” exercise

I am studying nutrition so because of this “title” people come to me and the first thing they ask is:

“How can we have the ideal body shape?”

Nobody exactly knows the answer to that but this is what I suggest because it works for every one, for starters; the passionate ones and the sluggish ones. TheSimple way to loose fat.

Just breath in from your nose and breath out from your mouth as fast as you can for 10-15 minutes daily when you wake up in the morning. If you are lazy enough to even get out of the bed ;like my sisters, I might add, then just sit up on your soft sheets and do it. It might seem a little funny but works wonders.

So what it does is that when we breath in, the oxygen is taken up by the blood in lungs and carried to the the whole body. All of it in just one breath. Count the number of muscles this process uses! The muscles of lungs, heart, thoracic cavity (chest cavity), blood vessels and all the organs the blood is supplied to. When we respirate at a fast rate, circulation fastens automatically, and what happens when we work our muscles? They become stronger. So all the organs and muscles of the body become stronger and efficient.

“How much of any exercise?”

Well, to measure on your own as to how much work load you should put on your body, you need to achieve “Target Heart Rate” or “Maximum Heart Rate” MHR. This is faster than the resting heart rate. When you have met this rate, you have met the day’s requirement of labour.

Subtracting your age from 220:

220- your age (men or women)

For example your age is 30 then simply subtract your age from 220 which gives you a maximum heart rate of 220-30=190 beats/min.

American College of Sports Medicine.

Of cource we can’t exercise exactly on this rate so we calculate easy ranges:

Multiplying your MHR by 55% to get lower limit and by 90% to get the upper limit.

For exanple, 190×0.55=104.5 beats/min, lower limit. And 190×0.90=171 beats/min, upper limit.

So your heart needs to be between these ranges (more close to the upper limt) while you are exercising. Its as neat as that, just work until you reach this heart rate then stop and rest. You’ll notice with time that your resting/normal heart rate has decreased. Before you started exercising, you heart beat used to be 70 beats per min at rest but now, it is 60 or even lower. That my friend is an indicator that you are following the right pathway. Because people who train regularly have lower heart rates.

Exercise; jogg, brisk walk, bench step, cycle, what ever kind, just get your heart beat elevated between those ranges nd you are good to go.

Oh and the final tip;drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise and at the end of your drill if you notice that your weight has decreased 1 or two pounds, it might not be your workout but the weight of the water you lost while training. So fill it in again.

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