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Some people look at aging as a problematic phase that brings so many challenges. You can have mobility issues cause by nerve and muscle impairment. Serious illness that is often faced by aging people such as heart illnesses, diabetes and hypertension. Getting older need not be that grim, you have a choice to age gracefully and get to enjoy life. Old age need not be limited to hospital visits and doctor’s appointments.

The good news is you can have a better quality of life by leading an active lifestyle. There are so many activities that you can do to make you forget your age! One very popular activity that is drawing a lot of attention is yoga. We know it sounds very challenging but seniors can actually practice yoga! Did you know that about 3 million seniors are now practicing yoga and reaping the benefits of it? Well, you can do that too!

How to Start Your Yoga Journey?

There are a lot of yoga poses you can do that need not require you to be a pretzel to pull off. As a new practitioner, I suggest you look for a yoga center to help you get the hang of it. As much as you can do yoga at home with videos of yoga poses that you can do. I think enrolling in a yoga class will help to encourage you more to become serious about it.

Getting into yoga needs commitment because as much as it is very effective, you will not be able to reap its full benefit with only a few sessions. You need to get into the habit of doing it every day as much as possible. We know there are some time limitations for some people but you don’t have to do it for long periods at a time.

A few minutes every day is so much more effective. Plus, it will do so much in improving your disposition. The benefits of yoga are not just physical, it improves your whole being.

The Real Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

For anyone who is new to yoga, it always good to start with the basics. Even for the younger ones who are introduced to yoga. They always start with simple poses that help them to transition to more complicated ones. But again, you don’t have to be a pretzel to reap the full benefits of yoga. Even if you stick to the simple poses, you can still improve your physical and mental state. Read on so you can fully understand what yoga can do to you.

1. Improves posture and balance. The best example of a yoga pose that improves your posture and balance is the tree pose. With this pose, you have to stand tall on one leg. With practice, you become more sure of your stance and you will notice that your posture has improved. We all know that as we age, we become more prone to bone thinning and osteoporosis. We may not be able to stop it but we can definitely delay it with yoga.

2. It improves sleep. Once you get introduced to yoga. You will understand that it is not all about poses alone, it is based on proper breathing and meditation. As you get more comfortable with the practice you will also observe that your quality of sleep has greatly improved.

3. Improves mobility and flexibility. There are so many people who have limited activities because they can no longer walk far or bend as much. The yoga poses helps you to slowly challenge yourself and train your muscles to be more pliant and flexible.

What Do You Need to Enjoy the Benefits of Yoga for Seniors?

You don’t really need that much to start your yoga journey and enjoy the benefits of yoga for seniors. All you actually need is your resolve and commitment. After that everything else is easy. Let’s talk about the materials. While some activities will require you to invest a lot of money on equipment and gears, yoga only requires you to wear comfortable clothes and a mat. How easy was that?

Comfortable clothes. Doing yoga will let you do different poses and if you are not wearing comfortable clothes, you might end up with ripped pants or find it uncomfortable to achieve different poses.

Your clothes have to be secure so that you will not worry about showing too much skin. This is why there are yoga pants; these pants conform to your skin so it’s really safe to move and do different poses. But you don’t necessarily have to buy them.

Mat. The main purpose of the mat is for cushioning and traction. There are so many different kinds of mat available in the market and you can even choose from a standard length to specialized ones, even the width and thickness varies.

For starters, you can just get the standard mat and as you get into the habit of it, you will soon figure it out for yourself what is the best mat for you.

Footwear. You might be wondering why you I didn’t mention shoes, well you need any kind of shoes to go to the yoga center. But while doing yoga, you need to be on barefoot. The reason for this is very simple. You need to be able to hold your footing to perform the poses.


What could be more fulfilling than to enjoy your retirement age doing the things you have dreamed about. The years of hard work would be well paid off if you get to spend your retirement with your loved ones in recreation than anywhere else. Yoga will be a great help, Start looking for yoga buddies now and get started.

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