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What aren’t we teaching women about their own bodies?

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I have personally struggled with menstruations since I first started having them. They were unregular, to begin with. And then as I got older, I was diagnosed with PTSD, so whenever my period nears the symptoms of PTSD would get worse for me.

In one appointment with a doctor I had mentioned this, to which she replied, “Yeah, that happens to a lot of women.” I asked why that is, and she didn’t even give me an answer. I just thought that if I knew the reason I might be able to prevent it somehow.

And, maybe there is, but for now, I’m still not so sure.

This is why I decided to look into it for myself. What I found was mindblowing to me; the fact that I hadn’t ever been taught about this, the fact that so many women would benefit from knowing this…

Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder (PMDD)

This disorder is somewhat similar to PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) in that it starts one to two weeks before your period and can stop affecting you during your period. But, the problem is that it can cause severe symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It can even require professional attention… from a doctor who can prescribe medication or who can help with therapy.

PMDD can cause an incredible amount of symptoms like:

  1. Severe Mood Swings,
  2. Irritability/Anger,
  3. Tension/Anxiety/Panic Attacks,
  4. Food cravings/binging,
  5. Fatigue,
  6. Trouble with sleeping/thinking/focusing,
  7. Thoughts of suicide!
  8. ETC!!

As of right now, there have been studies on it, that suggests women who have already been diagnosed with depression and anxiety usually tend to have PMDD.

So because it can be a serious problem for women, why don’t we know more about it? Why are our menstrual healths a taboo? I mean, why is it uncomfortable to talk about?

Once in grade school, they will do a presentation on menstrual health… but then, it doesn’t seem to be mentioned again. They don’t teach us to feel comfortable talking about it, they don’t teach us to feel confident in our bodies, they suppress this all together.

We should be teaching girls to feel comfortable within their bodies, and instead, we are teaching them to be ashamed.

And, by doing this they are leaving out important details that could help us to understand ourselves and our health better. They teach us about Toxic Shock syndrome, they teach us the biology of how our period’s work but what about what we should look out for?

It wasn’t until recently that they started making commercials educating women about endometriosis… what else are they not explaining to us?

All I’m saying is there needs to be more information being taught to girls and women about their health. We need to teach girls and women it’s okay to talk about periods because it’s a normal part of life.

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