When will “Human Flow” become a thing? – Mark Stewart – Medium

This is the first article of a series of articles based on human movement.

More and more I’m watching “animal flow” become a popular craze across the fitness world and I’ve had the toughest time understanding it. I’ve heard it being touted as a form of movement that “teaches you to move your body through space” or that it improves your mind-muscle connection. Now I’ve noticed there are formal classes that are based around movements that we consider to mimic animal movements.

As humans, we are humans; not animals. We, as a general population, actually really suck at moving like humans. We should probably try to move like better humans first before venturing into the animal movement kingdom. What I mean by that is that we generally don’t utilize the vast majority of movement potential that our own bodies possess. We have a much more complex musculoskeletal system that allows for much more complex movement so when we think about it, learning to move as a better human will likely encompass some of the other animal patterns being taught.

So where to start? We need to know what potential movement can be created in our bodies and specifically in our joints. We need to learn how to make our hip move like a human hip and our spine to move like a human spine. As we learn what motion is possible, there becomes much more possibility for all types of movement. As humans we need to step back and understand how our bodies can move before trying to conform them to pre-determined arbitrary “patterns” dictated by the fitness industry.

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