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Give up your biggest craving for 21 days and replace it with a healthier habit!

We all have unhealthy cravings, whether it be consuming too many cookies, slouching, negative language, or perhaps smoking. Giving up an unhealthy craving can greatly improve one’s health and happiness. Although there are lots of things we would like to improve upon in our lives, we often are scared to try or fail to recognize them. There are different levels things we crave, there are things we like, things we love, and things we believe we need in order to survive. There are healthy cravings such as sleep, water, and food; however, there are also unhealthy cravings or habits such as junk food, swearing, or smoking. Let’s dive into these three levels of craving to help you identify something that you could give up and replace with a healthier habit.

I LIKE: These cravings are things we “like” but don’t do/consume very often. Example would be eating birthday cake, riding roller coasters, or visiting a particular restaurant.

I LOVE: These are things we do/consume often or daily. Examples may include drinking coffee, playing video games, checking Facebook, watching TV, or eating candy or sweets.

I NEED: These are things that we “Need” to do very often and can’t function normally without doing or consuming. This level of craving would be considered an “Addiction.” Examples of normal addictions include eating, drinking, and sleeping. Examples of harmful addictions include smoking, drinking alcohol, over-eating unhealthy foods… and may also include video-games, shopping, pornography, and other behaviors that negatively effect your life. Harmful addictions can be healed/reversed, but requires a great deal of support and treatment.

Giving up a craving can be super difficult. I suggest that if you are considering giving up an unhealthy craving, you sign up for the Crave 21 Challenge available on the Wait 21 platform. The Crave 21 Challenge involves giving up your BIGGEST craving for 21 days and replacing it with a HEALTHIER habit. This online program offers you amazing insights, tools, and resources to help you overcome your craving and replace it with a healthier habit.

When choosing what crave to give up for 21 days, we suggest choosing an “unhealthy” craving that falls within the “I Love” level of craving. If you find yourself with habits in the “I Need” level of craving, we encourage you to speak with a professional about your habit and how it may be impacting your life and those around you. Feel free to share your cravings with us below and sign up for the Crave 21 Challenge! All proceeds go toward addiction education!

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