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Partying outside! Be aware: Photo by LLOJHA

Sometimes complex things have simple solutions in life which I realized after partying out. It was a rainy day, and I was just thinking how to make the most out of cold weather so, I thought of going out for dinner with my family along with a close friend of mine for having good times. As a foodie and an ardent lover of delicious recipes, I can’t resist devouring the choice of continental cuisine, which we planned in the last minute along with the friend’s family.

In fact, my mother said let’s have it prepared at home instead of wandering for restaurants in the city as it was raining all over. Mom warned me that it’s quite unsafe to dine out considering outside hygiene. My friend & I was like, no, we should have it outside while enjoying the window side reserved table for a change with soothing music for a relaxed mind without any stress in mind.

As planned we all went to a restaurant and enjoyed the plush dinner of our choices. Finally, we had a good time overall. On the other side, we came to know later when my friend complained of stomach upset. Somehow we have managed and returned back home.

We realized that food quality was compromised which is too dangerous for human health. We never know when and where your health will take a hit. Hence it’s always better to have homely food as long as it’s not next to impossible.

With such a bitter experience, we realized the pain of having food outside which is of a substandard category. Many contentions are made that restaurant’s kitchen area is unhygienic and the same place is used to cook food and serve hot royally in the restaurant. They make their money but at the cost of our health. We as a consumer should take charge of health and spread the awareness of ill health caused due to outside food.

Things I learned:

· It’s always better to have healthy food habits instead of deep fried foods outside which takes toll of your health.

· Eat a lot of healthy foods like sprouted grains, home food made from various organic ingredients like wheat, maize, millet, ragi, jowar and many more.

· Always dine out with family, friends, and relatives only in a good restaurant post researching their quality of food so that you should not repent later.

***************************Happy Dining**************************

By: Mr. Lakhan Lal Ojha (Veteran Advisor — US, EMEA, APJ, LA, BR, MENA Projects)

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