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This book is written by famous author, Max Lugavare, and co-authored by Dr. Paul Grewal. In this book, Max covers the important topic of brain health, specifically in regards to Alzheimer’s disease, which his mother suffered from in adulthood. Inspired to figure out a cure for her mental problems, Max ventured from city to city to ask doctors around the industry how to cure mental illness through food. He traveled all across the country-side to compile in-depth data that he shares with readers in the popular book.

Personally, I have found the information in this book to be of help as I work in the health industry as a health coach. Helping people lose weight has been my specialty and nutrition plays a critical role in aiding people who wish to improve their lives. Natural foods are essential for creating a self sustaining biological environment within the human body. Everyone of us is responsible for maintaining a healthy routine to ensure the prevention of serious health problems.

I have read many books within the health industry and this is one of the best. Max not only shares crucial medical studies with the readers, but he also shares the story of his mother and ties in the research in an easy-to-understand way. I’d recommend this to anyone who is serious about improving the condition of their health, specifically their mental health.

Genius Food #1:

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

(EVOO) is essential for supply the body with important anti-inflammatory agents in the form of oleocanthal, which help to cure depression and other mental health related issues. Surprisingly, one liter of EVOO per week is recommended to ensure the maximum efficacy for the user. Max shares his secrets with the readers on this oil and shares how you can improve your diet by adding this to your meals. Also, a good rule of thumb for picking out an olive oil is to check if it tastes grassy, never greasy.

Genius Food #2:


This food is essential for supplying your body with Vitamin E, which many people are deficient in. Furthermore, avocados are a primary source of healthy fats which are beneficial to brain health. Many people get the wrong sources of fats in their diet and are misunderstood which fats are beneficial to ones health. Additionally, fiber is found in this source of nutrition and is beneficial to the digestive system, ensuring the bypass of fecal matter.

Genius Food #3:


One of my favorite genius foods is apart of the berry family. Blueberries are a strong source of antioxidants and can easily be blended with other fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are packed into these berries, which are essential for signaling enhancements in the brain system.

Genius Food #4:

Dark Chocolate

Rich in magnesium, this food is often underrated, yet extremely important for ones health. Cocoa flavanols have been shown to reverse signs of cognitive aging and improve insulin sensitivity, vascular function, and blood flow in the brain. Phytonutrients are commonly found in this source of nutrients and can be beneficial to performance athletes. Dark chocolate is easy to consume and store in a safe space, so this can be a easy snack on the go.

Genius Food #5:


Despite arguments in the health industry, eggs are actually beneficial for your brain development and help regulate insulin levels. A good source of Vitamin A, B12, E, and minerals selenium, zinc, and others, eggs can play crucial role in the development of ones health. At least one egg per day can be beneficial.

The rest of the Genius Foods and information will be left out of this post as not to disclose all the information and hard work of Max Lugavere. I encourage you all to go read the book and discover these health tips for yourself. I will certainly read his book more than once to grasp the content that is so valuable.

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