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In two days, many of us will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Whether you love or hate this holiday, it marks another day on the calendar which means another day for a great workout. Being that I work and hate late nights on “school nights”, I’ll be sitting out on the fancy dinner and that rose-filled night on the town. In fact, this holiday is usually marked with Chinese takeout followed by passing out on the couch around 8:30. Lame but the hubs and I opt for it and go out often on non Hallmark holidays.

If you’re anything like me and the husband, then you’ll agree a quiet night in is perfect. Actually, for us a hilarious workout that is themed is an even better way to celebrate and laugh together. I mean Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be serious, people! I give you my I ❤ U Workout:

  • Partner Plank: Nothing says I love you quite like planking, right? Well, if you despise planking, this couples version will hopefully change your mind. Start off by having one person in a plank position while the partner stands behind holding their loved one’s feet. Try holding the plank for 30 seconds and then switch! This challenge will have you laughing while supporting each other!
  • Couple Wall Sits: Your partner should be your support system, someone you can lean on and even rely on. Walls serve the same purpose, right? Wall sits for most people are great for strengthening quads and building muscle endurance, so it would seem fitting to include your loved one yet again. Start off with your backs to one another and begin leaning backwards against your partner’s back. Next, both should walk out until both of your legs are at a 90-degree angle. Try holding this position for as long as you can because nothing says love quite like partner wall sits!
  • Partner Tricep Dips: Remember that song from the 90s, “Put your hands up on my hips, when you dip, I dip, we dip!…” Yeah, kinda the same with this workout goodie. Begin by having the stronger partner get into a tricep dip position using a steady chair then the other partner get into the same position but using their partner’s legs as their “steady” chair. Once you are both set up, at the same time perform a tricep dip together. Keep dipping until failure, but that shouldn’t happen because couples don’t give up!
  • Couple Sit Ups: Sit ups, pushups, and a strong core means couple goals, correct? This nifty and adorable workout is a great way to sneak in a kiss or two because Valentine’s Day = ❤! Have one partner get into a sit up position while the other partner holds their feet just like we did back in elementary gym class. Next, start doing some sit ups while trying to steal or win a kiss or 2!
  • Partner Push Up: Push Ups are killers, but when your loved one is there you’ll surely be more motivated. Hopefully! Start by both getting into a push up position and take turns. Keep motivating each other along the way!
  • Partner Squats: If you’re not into squats, this partner squat fun will definitely have you both hooked. Start by facing your partner about arms length away in distance. Next hold each other’s forearms slightly above the elbows. While holding each other lovingly for support because ya know, it’s Valentins Day, slowly lower your at the same time into a squatting position. Hold this for a few seconds and then try it again!

Before you and your Valentine spend tons of money on prefixed dinner in a fancy restaurant, opt to stay home and make each other laugh with my I ❤ U Workout. Nothing screams I love you quite like take out, a hilarious workout, and couch cuddles!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

❤ Robin

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