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Stretching is one of the most important exercises that, one should do on a daily basis. Stretching exercise might mean different things, to different people. Young people may consider stretching exercises, as a warm up. Elderly people may consider it as the main exercise, due to their physical inability.

They perform only the stretching exercise to remain fit and healthy. Stretching exercises are a must for everybody. It is not a matter of choice, each and everyone should perform stretching exercises, as it comes with enormous benefits. Some benefits are listed below:

Helps in increasing flexibility

In the process of exercising our hands and legs through these exercises, we are increasing our reach ability and making our body parts more flexible. A person might not be able to touch his feet, before beginning the stretching exercises. But, he would be surprised to note that, after few weeks of stretching, he can successfully touch his feet quite comfortably.

Helps in increasing stamina

Stretching exercises facilitates easy breathing. Stretching exercises have special benefits on the respiration cycle. The improvement in the breathing cycle helps in building stamina and also reduces stress and tiredness from the body.

Helps all body parts not only hands and legs

Stretching exercises are not focused only on hands and legs. It is a misconception that, stretching exercises benefit only selected parts of the body. It benefits all body parts like shoulder, spinal cord, neck, etc.

These exercises have the special property to vanish back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc. It is advised by most doctors, as it improves blood circulation in the body and hence, facilitates easy movement of the body parts.

Extremely essential to sports persons and body builders

Regular stretching especially, before body building can help in reducing vulnerability to various injuries like joint pain, fracture, movement blockage, etc. These serious problems can be avoided by just 15–20 minutes of stretching exercises, before initiating body building techniques.

For players, if they do not stretch, their body might become stiff and might not perform according to their requirements. Initial stretching for at least 20 minutes ensures increase in stamina and better response from the body.

Increases height and ropes in the stomach

If your stomach is out by a few inches and you want to rope it in, these stretching exercises are tailor made for you. You can increase your height and rope in your stomach a few inches, with very minimal efforts. Regular bending exercises can help in weight loss also.

Improves Personality

Personality is largely based on confidence and external looks. Stretching exercises keep the inner system clean, which enhances the confidence.

It also helps in shaping of the body, which directly improves personality. With reduction in stress and tension, the exercises keep the person calm. Calm people have better personality compared to others.

Suitable for all irrespective of age and gender

Stretching exercises are suitable for all and do not have any adverse affects on any age group of persons. It equally benefits all age groups of people without discrimination. It is easy to perform and women, elderly people, children, all can perform these exercises.

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