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How to control your weight forever

Here I will share my best of knowledge what Fat Decimator System has thought me. You have probably heard many of times that Carbohydrates will make you fat, and yes it’s true. You will never lose fat as long as you do not cut your carbohydrate intake down.

When we eat carbs our blood sugar levels get affected. When blood sugar increases it causes our pancreas to secrete insulin into the bloodstream.

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Insulin’s main responsibility is to control the sugar and ensure that the sugar is always at its normal level. It controls the sugar by moving it into our fat cells, muscles, liver and throughout entire bloodstream. Without insulin, the sugar would be toxic to our health, that’s why diabetics need to focus on the insulin so their sugar levels are always normalized.

We consume high levels of sugar throughout the carbs, and thanks to insulin for controlling all of that. On the other hand, insulin is a storage hormone turning carbs into the fat and it stores them inside our fat cells. It also prevents our body from burning that fat, so always try to be careful with carbohydrates.

We have to understand that our body uses energy 24 hours a day, no matter whether we perform an exercise, or we sleep. Your body can either get the energy from the carbs or fat, so it’s up to you how you would like to feed your body with energy. Making the body to use fat for the energy isn’t easy, however, this can really be achieved with the Fat Decimator System.

You probably didn’t know this, but fat is constantly flowing in and out of our fat cells throughout the day. This fat could be always available to be used for the energy, however, when our insulin levels are up, the body doesn’t use fat for the energy. In addition, as long as you eat carbs those insulin levels are always going to be always up.

The main problem is after a carb-rich meal our blood sugar levels jump up, the insulin comes to normalize those sugar levels within a few minutes. Then, it stays to guard our body system against sugar for another couple of hours, and this prevents the natural fat burning processes within that time.

Different cells in your body need fat, but they can’t get it just because the insulin is present in your body system. That same insulin drops the sugar levels in our body, which will tell us that we are hungry again, so guess what? Without waiting for the carbohydrates to get processed, you feel hungry and jump into your next carb-rich meal. That’s how we keep on being fat.

The really important thing which Fat Decimator System thought me, is how to effectively reduce the carbohydrate intake. Most of us don’t even realize that our body is capable just to burn fat by itself without any physical activities, and by eating rich carbohydrate foods we prevent the body from doing that.

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