Get Back To Basics and Thrive

The 3 Pillars of Training: Get Back To Basics and Thrive

In today’s fitness world there are endless training methods that may be employed to help reach your goals. Faced with so many choices and opinions on how to get in shape its only inevitable that the most basic training principles will become obscure and gimmicks will intrude on your effort and goals without you even knowing. Here are my 3 pillars of training that will help you stay grounded to the truth and keep you on track to your fitness goals. Write them down on your workout program as a daily reminder to stay laser focused!

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

Napoleon Hill

  1. Effort

Effort is the force that drives results. You can’t “Hack” effort or purchase effort. Effort is free. It’s an intangible that you control.

Effort is defined as strenuous physical and mental exertion. Each person’s ability to give effort is relative. The amount of effort you can put forth towards training depends on your current fitness level. As you become stronger and better conditioned your capacity to physically exert yourself both physically and mentally will be enhanced (fitness level improved). Think of capacity as your gas tank. The larger the gas tank the further you can go. You will be able to give more effort for longer periods of time, at higher intensities, and more frequently (Day to Day). Now there is a caveat. Your gas tank must be filled in order to maximize your effort in training. How much the tank is filled will largely depend on your nutritional and sleep habits.

Bottom line- training programs, exercises, group fitness classes, sport specific drills, etc serve as tools. In order for for these tools to function and help you achieve results, an honest effort must be applied. Effort is a prerequisite to all other training variables. I know this is not the sexy answer people want to hear, and it’s not the answer that sells, but it’s the truth. The magic happens with your effort. Learn to embrace the fact that effort Is the way and you will thrive.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

John Wooden

2) Technique

Being locked into the details of training technique is imperative to achieve the fitness results you wish. Quality of movement trumps quantity. Be detail oriented with the way you execute your exercises and results will be maximized from your effort and training program. This requires you to check your ego daily. Assess yourself daily on your exercise technique. If you are not sure, ask somebody- a friend that has experience, a trainer, watch videos online. Become educated in your fitness journey. Take ownership of your training program. Have pride in your physical labor. You will find this will carry over to other areas in your life.

Honing in your exercise technique as you become stronger and more fit will be important for longevity. You want to be in the fitness game for life. Don’t let your ego set you back. Avoid unnecessary injuries by taking pride in having sound technique. When your technique is on point then you can progress your weight and amount of reps. Make this a rule.

Simplicity Is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

3) Simplicity

Keep your training program simple. When you find yourself overthinking your routine or realize what you’re doing in your routine looks like a circus act then it may be time to reassess and get back to the basics. When i say “basics” i am referring to basic human movements done with great technique. Basic movements include: Squats, deadlifts, lunges in all directions, hip hinging, pushing vertically, pulling vertically, pushing horizontally, pulling horizontally, go out and run! Remember this- simple training is smart training and smart training is simple.

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