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Being a CA, I always thinking about Finance, taxation and wealth creation. But never think about good health. Whenever I saw an athlete and his fitness, I think how good is their personality and fitness.

Importance of Health

The successful life of a person depends not only on money but also on other important life pillars like health and spirituality because Health is wealth. A person having good health can create a lot of wealth. Mental fitness is also governed by physical health. So it is important to be healthy. Also, he can be safe from a lot of diseases.

Busy lifestyle

Since bypassing my CA exams, I started my carrier as practicing Chartered Accountant. Day by day I am getting busier in my profession and it is becoming difficult to get time for health, but casually I have gone for a walk of 4–5 KM. The routine walking could not be continued for a long time because generally, I wake up at 6–7 AM. At the time of workload in the last dates of filing, it becomes discontinue and again starting of walking is very difficult.

At the age of 40 years, I felt that my health is going down. It is very important to maintain health at this stage. Thus I started running from 1 minute and reached to 30 minutes. But due to long sitting, back pain was disturbing the running. Running is also a good healthy activity but once again I got failed in this activity.

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