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i used to make the excuse all the time — “i don’t have time for that.”

but really, it was never true. there was never a time when i just had sooo much work to do that i couldn’t go to the gym for a quick workout or go to the bar to catch up with an old friend. i said no for no reason.

this repeated itself over and over and over. i ended up only visiting the gym about five times last semester, which is drastically lower than my usual number. for someone who prides himself on physical fitness and health, i didn’t live up to my own goals and disappointed myself because of it. i watched as my body decayed right under my nose — literally.

this semester, i committed to going to the gym at least five days a week, and a few weeks in, i can tell you confidently that i feel amazing.

in the first week, i realized that going to the gym boosts my productivity throughout the rest of the day. i used to worry about it taking up too much of my time. i go to the gym as soon as i wake up at either 6a or 7a, spend a little more than an hour at the gym while listening to my favorite podcasts, then go back home to get work done.

the hour that i spend at the gym everyday makes me wildly more productive than i would’ve ever thought. i feel fantastic and i can focus a lot easier on the stuff that demands my full attention. whether it’s yep!-related or school-related, i can get it all done a lot quicker with all of the energy i’ve gained from working out.

more energy, more focus.

if you’re struggling to commit to something because you think you don’t have the time, try out this exercise below …

after seeing this on instagram in the latter months of 2018, i decided 2019 would be different. needless to say, it’s been eye-opening. i have yet to say “i don’t have time” like i used to. i don’t sacrifice my physical health for grinding through work anymore. i make time to work on my physical and mental growth.

when you make time for yourself, you make time for other stuff too. going to the gym again has proven a god-sent for my brain, my body, and my work.

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