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I hate to say I told you so, but truly you really are what you eat. Although the immediate effects are not visible every time you choose to eat nutrition that is not for the benefit of your body, it will soon catch up! Beauty is what you eat and every mouthful sculptures your body.

So where do we start? We start by redefining what you choose to eat which makes a difference to your body. It will thank you later, I promise you. Redefining — what does that entail? Umm, I hate to bring you the bad news but literally everything. We need to rethink every mouthful of food and drink. You need to make each bite of food and each drop of drink count for your benefit.

As a baby one of the very things we are first taught is the cause and effect of objects. The same principle is attached to eating and drinking. Every mouthful of food and drink you consume has an effect on your temple. It all adds up and you started the motion! You need to start taking control of how you wish your body to be and how much beauty you will radiate.

You need to start listening to your body as the more you get to know it the more you will see just what it needs and what it wants to avoid. Truth be told, the body will consume anything you give it therefore it is up to you. Try name anything that no one in this world has never tried, it is most likely impossible.

Let’s try something, think of how you would wish your body to be without thinking about the journey to reach it. Now think, is the food I’m eating stopping me from getting to that body form? Am I getting closer or further away from that image with my food habits? Now think, can a specific food selection including raw plants get me closer or further away from that image? The rest that follows are just hurdles stopping you from becoming your best self.

Before junk food, fast food take outs and caffeine were invented, our ancestors relied on plants, nuts, herbs, seeds and water to not just survive but to sculpture their forms into the best possible. Now why does that seem so much harder in our society? Simple, revolution and more demands are put on us not to mention things like motherhood, mental health, work conditions, family life and more, the list is endless. We always look for the quick fix not focusing on what is this actually doing to my body.

This article is not a quick fix but just trying to reiterate what you see everyday but push to the side. Love your body by feeding it foods of nutrition and goodness that it is begging for!

First step to get closer to the body you imagined earlier is the decision to redefine what you choose to eat. One thing to bare in mind that there are so many diets advertised but what they fail to mention is that the selection of food they have administered together will not work for everyone. Why? Because none of our bodies are the same, a careful diet needs to be made based on your body and who better know this than yourself.

Where to start? Simple, look at the bad causes of food to your body. For example, I drink over 10+ cups of coffee a day which is not good for my body and causes a lot of problems for me from skin break outs (not sure if it is due to the caffeine, the amount of milk I consume as I always have lattes or the amount of sugar I need with it), headaches, dehydration, nervousness, irritability, restlessness, stomach cramps, muscle tremors to ageing skin.

To show how you must exercise the redefining of causes here is one of my breakdowns. The consumption of Coffee Lattes totalling to a whooping 10+ cups

According to studies the consumption between 2–3 or more cups a day actually uplifts our mood, helps our brains focus and concentrate. There is a recent study that actually highlighted that 4 or more cups a day reduces the risks of throat and mouth cancer. As bad as this may be writing, for someone like me who suffers from Anorexia Nervosa, the drink itself works as a laxative (enough said).

As mentioned earlier the mental affects a latte has on me is insomnia, headaches, nervousness, restlessness, brain thinking 100 mph and having a short temper.

Caffeine dehydrates my body which I top up with more coffee, why haven’t I broken this chain of thought yet?! Coffee dehydrates me so the skin is a direct affect causing acne especially in cases like me who do not drink water to flush out the toxic build up caused by the liver working overtime. My liver has truly over punched its slip for over time.

Talking about acne-prone skin like mine, dairy intake is something we need to consider and my choices in coffee lattes just increase that much more. No wonder why I wake up to 2 or more spots on my face (or to be specific mouth and jaw area). Too much milk consumed leads to dead skin cells being glued to another and overloads us with hormones affecting our sebum.

Sugar, sugar and more sugar. I have between 2–3 teaspoons of white sugar or 4–5 of brown sugar, guess what? Too much sugar again promotes acne but fundamentally speeds up ageing as it affects my elasticity and collagen. It causes Glycation, what is this? Simply put the Glucose from Carbohydrates and Sugar that we digest causes the carbs and sugar to attach to proteins that form harmful molecules called Advanced Glycation End. Their is a recent hype on this as to how much truly affects its process and what can be done. The body is so complex that we couldn’t say Gylcation creates wrinkles but better put it affects how resistant we are to wrinkling. Glycation = How much quicker our skin ages so in my case I’m ageing pretty damn quick.

So a few questions:
Is consuming in the pattern that I do of Lattes getting me closer or further away from my dream body? FURTHER AWAY
Is there a benefit to my body by consuming this in the pattern I currently have? NO
Does my body like the consumption of lattes in the current pattern? NO
Can redefining the amount and pattern I currently have with lattes benefit my body? YES

Redefining my choice in lattes
To reduce lattes by 4 maximum a day and maybe to slowly wine down by using black coffee with a little milk to avoid strong withdrawals not to mention limiting my sugar intake to 2 teaspoons maximum. Let’s start to enjoy the flavour of different coffees rather than downing it for the routine.

Now why don’t you try to look at one bad cause you decide to make in your eating and drinking pattern using the same structure I laid out above. Lay it out all on paper then make a decision to take some control back for your temple. Your body will adore you and watch the affects by taking a photo every 2–3 days. You will be amazed.

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