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Many of us grew up in a time where weed/ marijuana/ cannabis was taught to be negative. A bad drug. Remember the fried egg commercial: “this is your brain on drugs, any questions?” My goodness, I have so many!

Is weed included in that message? Is alcohol included in that message? Why is there a double standard? Why is weed used to treat ugly conditions that prescription meds cause? Why do we prefer the masking method- a pill for this condition and another for the side effects of the 1st one, then another for the side effects of the 1st two and so on? Why was weed legal in the ’60s? Why is research proving B.S to this theory used to scare many and incarcerate even more?

In this country, we glorify the use of alcohol. Go to any party, there is liquor. Go to a team outing, liquor is allowed to be expensed. Taking a flight? Alcohol is available on your way to the airport, you can buy some along with your prescription meds, it is available in the airport, and even on the plane-no prescription needed, no recommendation necessary. Note that there are 0 medicinal benefits for alcohol, yet, we push and market the use of it SO much.

Weed treats a number of conditions, and in my opinion, there is nothing that weed can’t help with. M.S, migraine, depression, anxiety, cancer, PTSD, and many more- all of which are protected by ADA- yet ADA doesn’t protect marijuana users. I WILL DEFINITELY BE WRITING ABOUT THIS- it’s a piece for another day.

“But weed alters your mind.” So does love. “Smoking causes cancer.” Possibly, but you don’t have to “smoke” weed. “Marijuana means more crime.” What do you say about guns? I believe that lies were created to scare us. It’s like the author of “It’s all thought” says:

It is 2019, and there are mountains of research that show and prove the medicinal benefits of weed. For those that smoke, eat, vape, etc. weed, regardless of the intention of use- those folks are treating- maybe even before needed, like a preventative. With over half of our states legalizing for medicine, and the growing number of states legalizing for recreational use, I ask our government- WHY DO YOU ALLOW ALCOHOL BUT TURN YOUR FACE UP AT MEDICINE?

The country seems to be run like a corporate business- for profit. From a profit perspective, you can’t have a world filled with happy people in no pain because pain means money, i.e.: hospitals and pharmacies. Because of this, it is my opinion that we were told lies so that we could all buy into the foolery of this plant being made illegal.

We are becoming accepting of CBD but are still so scared of THC- because they say it alters the mind. Don’t they say the same about alcohol? Even if they don’t say it, think of a time where someone was “drunk” and the mind, body movements, and voice weren’t altered? Can you recall? I can’t.

We say that THC is habit forming and therefore bad- yet, morphine is used. We say that THC is a narcotic and therefore illegal- yet, Percocet/oxy is used. The bigger lie is that these drugs are schedule II- meaning they have medicinal value. THC- schedule I- no medicinal value- I call B.S! And I am not the only one.

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