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Massage Therapy is great to relieve pain from aching muscles in that it helps to improve blood flow and reduce muscle tightness in the body.

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Your body tends to aches after a long day of hard work and other activities that make your muscles become tight and swollen.

Massage Therapy including Hot Stone Massage and Thai Massage is a safe yet effective method of releasing the pressure from tender aching muscles.

Massage Great For Muscle Inflammation

Sore aching muscles are essentially the result of very small tears in muscle fibers that result in an inflammation where those tears occur.

Everyone who gets a massage reacts differently to a massage. Some people experience almost instant relief right after the massage, while other take time for the muscles to repair themselves. Whatever the case, there are many benefits to getting a massage in order to repair tire aching muscles and to experience a feeling of well being.

Kanpimon (Bell) Chinnery, local Red Deer massage therapy specialist (RMT) suggests that you can schedule a follow up massage as early as two to three days right after your first massage. Regular weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly massage visits are great for those working in a physically demanding job including those who work on computer and in the tech field.

Bell also mentions that you should stretch and drink plenty of water in between massage appointments to help the muscles recover more quickly.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is one form of massage therapy that relaxes the muscles through the use of heated stones. This form of deep relaxation massage can be used all over the body. Adding heated stones to specific areas on the body will enhance the feeling of relaxation and overall well being.

For those individuals suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other forms of chronic pain, massage is entirely recommended. The penetrating effects of a hot stone massage will allow the massage to be delivered much more effectively without excessive pressure, says RMT Bell Chinnery.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is more of a calming and invigorating experience that combines stretching and acupressure massage great for athletes and those into sports and other types of physical activities.

This type of therapeutic Thai Massage is very relaxing and energizing which focuses on alleviating aches and pains in the body. Thai Massage is perform for de-stressing and calming the mind, body and spirit says trained Red Deer RMT Bell Chinnery.


So if you are experiencing sore muscles and chronic pain of any kind, a combination of massage and acupuncture is suggested to help with stiff aching muscles and painful areas of the body like the neck, shoulders, and back areas.

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