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It is very hard to sometimes recall that everything we do, we do for ourselves, isn’t it?

We have all been there — trying to please someone else’s wishes, follow other’s rules and morals.

The question is, where did it take us?

Unfortunately, living life for ourselves seems impossible at times. Because if we do so, we are often being called self-centered, egotistical and narcissists. But is it really the case? It should not be.

Here, I have just another example of how much the right mindset can change your life and the lives of the people around you.

Positivity and self-care are contagious, so make sure you begin from somewhere.

Today, Ana Stojanova agreed to share her story.

For those of you who have not heard of her by now, she is a motivational fitness coach that changes the lives of women on a daily basis.

As complex as the female species can be, she decided to make them her main focus but she is also slowly shifting to the stronger gender as well.

Ana Stojanova talks about being an inspiration to many people daily, and how important health is nowadays. Not only she cares about the physical condition of the body, but she also advocates for the importance of mental health.

Here is the message she shared for the audience.

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