A collection of all my healthcare articles from across the web.

Since I started the Flying Doctors Nigeria Air Ambulance (www.flyingdoctorsnigeria) service, my work has taken me all over the world, especially to remote parts of West and Central Africa.

This has given me a lot insight into healthcare and healthcare solutions for Africa. See my profile. I have published 3 healthcare books and multiple articles on healthcare in the New York Times, Linkedin (Awarded as a Linkedin Top Healthcare writer, 2 years in a row), the Stanford Review, here on medium, on Techcabal and on CNN.

So many people have asked me to put all my articles in one, place. So here it is. One of my earliest was 2013 in the New York Times. Africa’s Trauma Epidemic .

The rest are below:


CNNSkin Bleaching

Techcabal-The role of technology in healthcare


My book ‘Fixing Healthcare in Nigeria’

What Nigeria can learn from the world’s best healthcare systems

How to stay healthy by eating more fruit and veg

Sugar Daddy Healthcare–innovative-potential–especially-in-health-care?barrier=accesspaylog


Why doctors kill themselves

How air ambulance services will transform the Nigerian healthcare system

Healthcare outlook for 2017

Delivering emergency and air ambulance services in low income countries

Maternal mortality is a cultural issue in Nigeria, not a medical one


Reflections on the EMS conference in Copenhagen

Six Dead Doctors

Palliative care in Nigeria

Should women who are not on birth control, drink alcohol?

Five ‘secret’ healthcare tools that can save lives in Africa


A three pronged approach to solving Africa’s healthcare problems

How to reinvent the condom

Ebola: A wake up call for Africa

The relationship between distance and death; how air ambulances make the difference

Stanford Review-Lean Healthcare


Africa’s Trauma Epidemic (New York Times)

Africa’s Trauma Epidemic

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