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Catharsis + Mettā: Dance Medicine NYE edition

By: Amna Hussein

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On New Year’s Eve 2019 I focused on genuinely setting intentions, not resolutions. I intended to appreciate failure as an equal counterpart to success, to welcome it even. I believe that to do so successfully you not only have to feel safe with yourself but with those around you- just as this celebration was intended to have you feel.

There aren’t a lot of groups who can accept or celebrate differences, let alone excitedly await for them to come about. Somehow, though, I’ve found myself nurturing the happiest parts of being human time and time again while being alongside strangers thanks to Mettā Creative. It’s exactly because this group is innovating what it means to curate a social event.

Not many parties start with a group meditation or a warm home-cooked meal. Not many events happen with the community in mind, honestly. Not even in terms of giving back to one but by actually outlining the reasons why we consciously gather. Granted I strolled in very late but with the music blasting, bodies moving, Yerba flowing, and art being made I knew immediately that I’d arrived at a Mettā Creative function. My FOMO was limited because regardless I was welcomed with open arms and fire spinners.

Photo acquired from the Mettā Creative facebook page — credit: Vladimir Herrera

When you think of a community what do you see? Do you see warm smiles and full bellies? Is it a resonation of personal values? When you see a community, built on networks of support and encouragement all striving toward virtue, what does it provide you?

Mettā Creative asks this question, each time echoing desires for a freer state of mind while we’re fumbling through life. These events provide us with what we need to shine in our individuality and still come together. That’s space.

A community is where we are supported as we grow. It’s where we fuck up, learn, fuck up again, all with a chosen family having your back as you graciously continue being human. Truthfully I didn’t agree with some of the event’s programming- like the tribal markings. Sudanese culture has used tribal markings as symbols of our history and lineage, a way to tell a story about who we are and who the individual is. I won’t say I was excited to see that you could get markings done as a party favor, especially after watching family members get mocked for their own during their visits to the States. But as we head into a more sustainable and aware state of being, I recognize that the collective would never wish ill-will to members of humanity and I trust Mettā Creative will continue to exemplify what it means to notice and rectify these slip-ups one eco-conscious event at a time.

Photo acquired from the Mettā Creative facebook page — credit: Magdalene Sophia

The food was hearty and exactly what a partier on New Years would need. For any brown person, food is quintessential to comfort and hospitality. Curry chickpeas and veggies were exactly what my soul needed after a night of dancing and letting loose with friends and strangers. I was warmed up and my heart and belly were filled to the brim with gratitude. I met almost every walk of life under that roof. I got to dance with adventurers, advocates, musicians, artists, change agents, survivors. The end of the night jam session always gets me though, and creating music and memories with these folks keeps me coming back time and time again. It’s more than just a vibe, it’s a whole ass vibration.

It’s rare that I feel connected to a group of organizers the way I do with this group. I’m truly blessed and can’t wait to volunteer for the next one!

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