I’ve been gifted with some incredible mentors and teachers in my life.

I’ve been gifted with some incredible mentors and teachers in my life. A few weeks out of college, I was introduced to Anat Baniel and studied movement, learning, and healing with her closely for 6 years. I spent an additional 6 years studying at the Option Institute, where I honed the art of asking loving questions. I’ve worked closely with B.J. Fogg at Stanford University, and even today, it is a great gift to be able to train daily with Johnny Sapinoso of SF Movement Practice.

The downside is that to various degrees these different practices aren’t accessible. My father, as physically active as he is, will never spend 4 hours a day to study with SF Movement Practice. Most people will not travel to the Option Institute, spend a week in the woods of the Berkshire Mountains, and study at the feet of a “guru” who has been teaching the same methodology since the 1970s — regardless of its efficacy. Professor B.J. Fogg is the most accessible of these with a number of free online trainings. But even so, his classes at Stanford are next to impossible to get into. His lab is extremely exclusive, and his workshops happen only rarely.

We created Motion to solve this problem — to take material that we have learned from a variety of sources over years of practice and break them down into small, accessible pieces about the specific topics that matter most to you.

Over the years, I’ve applied the principles of behavior change to accomplish specific goals. (Right now one goal is my 1-arm handstand!) But by understanding your “why”, setting clear objectives, taking tiny steps, being kind to yourselves, and reevaluating regularly, I have found that developing habits and behaviors can be easy — even fun! And it makes a difference to learn alongside a community, with whom you can develop simple tactics to improve well-being and develop long-term habits.

This is also the reason I am releasing regular videos on a variety of wellness topics on YouTube — to make accessible the habits and tools that I’ve practiced myself over more than 10 years of esoteric study. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for regular, free content!

Over the last several years, I have published several articles about my personal fitness journey on Medium. You might enjoy the story of how I began weight training, started surfing, or came to practice ballet.

Finding Financial Freedom Workshop
My very first workshop is coming up on February 9–10 in the San Francisco Bay Area. This workshop will teach you how to sell or persuade, unearth your inner narratives around money, and provide a combination of tools and community to help you live with greater abundance.

Join me for a 2-day workshop to optimize your behaviors and thinking around money and sales.

The Fitness Habit Workshop
On February 24th, Ben LaCara and I are co-teaching a workshop on behavior change, fitness, and wellness.

Ben and I are lifelong movers. I have studied gymnastics for more than a decade, and Ben has been weight training for over 15 years. Instead of the more typical judgemental approach to exercise, we both love fitness, and have created a workshop to teach positive habits to support your well-being.

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