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To some of us, Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that primarily improves our flexibility. However, in reality, this ancient practice is way more than that. You will be surprised to know that Yoga is as effective as Pilates in toning and strengthening the body particularly the core muscles.

When health professionals talk about core they are referring to the midsection of the body. It includes the sides, front, and back of the body. The muscles in these parts that compose the core are erector spinae, oblique, abdominals, and lats or lower latissimus dorsi.

Through a sedentary lifestyle like not exercising much and sitting too much, our core is gradually weakened. When the core is weakened, it can affect our entire body. Strengthening the core can help us avoid many injuries.

Between activating your bandhas, ujjayi breathing, and holding several postures, Yoga offers an amazing workout for the core. The aids of these usually go beyond the Yoga mat. In this article, we will show you several incredible ways that Yoga benefits the core.

  1. Yoga benefits the core, which improves the mobility and function of the whole body

If you think of the torso, you will realize that it is where numerous movements originate. This includes backward bending, laterally moving from side to side, forward bending, and twisting. Apparently, these actions involve numerous joints, muscles, and structures. However, each will involve a different kind of core muscle.

In case the involved core muscle is tight, weak, or both, several issues can surface which could affect your capacity to move in various directions. Our body is very clever that if it is not moving as it is intended, it will make-do and changes the pattern of the movement.

Although sometimes you might not notice it, your body is required to work much harder since it does not have the core strength to back these movements. Over the course of time, these new patterns of movements, which are obviously inefficient, can cause injuries and strains. It could also decrease the range of movement and performance.

2. Yoga benefits the core, which reduces back pain

If you have a weak core, what usually happens is that the lower back muscles become tight at the same time. Naturally, your lower back will begin to shrink and the midsection located at the front will stretch. This could result in a curve in the lower portion of your back.

This could be extreme but it determines the way that the back and the front part of the body are indeed working together. In this regard, it is important to support the spine. You have to make healthy and strong muscles surrounding it. The core is one of the most crucial elements of this as well as the glute muscles.

Core refers to not only the abdominal muscles that are found in front of the stomach area. It also includes deeper supportive muscles. This is why full movements of the body utilizing the core and a range of various core exercises are really vital and valuable to the health of your spine.

3. Yoga benefits the core that improves the posture

If your body is doing several adjustments based on tightness and weaknesses, it is going to mirror your posture. Twists, rounded backs, lowering into the lower spine are just some of the issues that originate from an imbalanced and weak set of core muscles.

In order for you to stand tall for a long period of time, it is important that your core is functioning at its prime. In addition, issues with your posture can yield wear and tear of the body.

4. It will aid your whole body to perform well

In reality, if your spine is happy, that means that you have a good posture. This translates to better function and mobility, which simply underlines that your body is really happy. When your body behaves and moves on the way it is designed to move, you feel better. Also, you are living a life free from limitations and pains to enhance your holistic happiness and health.

5. It helps you easily do your daily tasks

While one may not really realize it, but you are utilizing your core in almost all your movements. This includes reaching up for items or even just bending over to fix your shoes. Without the core’s strength, you will find it very challenging to finish your day.

A stronger core also means less effort required to execute simple movements. This also means you have more energy to do more important things. It is also worth noting that the core is not merely about the abs.

A sturdy core includes not just the muscles in your stomach but also the muscles in your back. Several Yoga poses like Boat Pose, Plank, and Side Plank, are poses that focus on core strengthening.

6. Yoga benefits the core, which improves your balance

When you are on the mat, a strong core can aid you in holding various Yoga poses in a much steady and in a long way. Away from the mat though, particularly as you age, balance becomes progressively essential. This is to keep you away from getting injured or falling. With a strong core, you can easily move in any and which way you want. You will also not easily lose your balance and will not falter.

7. Allows you to hold poses longer and stronger

Balance postures are partly practice and partly skill. However, these poses entail a strong core to effectively achieve them. For instance, the basic balance posture called Headstand or Tree. If you collapse in the core, you will lose your posture. By gradual practice you will develop strength and eventually hold the poses longer.

You can focus on lengthening your spine and staying grounded. However, without a solid core, all the concentration you have will never help.

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